Jordan F’s ‘Under The Sun’


Another new track from Australia’s reigning SynthWave heavyweight champion Jordan F hit the streets this weekend. Certain corners of the SynthWave scene are unfortunately getting a bit bogged down, as quantity over quality rules and tracks are released unmastered, or mastered by a mate, or unfinished, resulting in a barrage of tinny, mid-range, half hearted productions that are a danger of drowning the cream of the scene. Luckily, Jordan’s tracks, mastered or not, always rise to the top as he takes his time with productions, allowing his natural talent, both musically and in production, room to shine.

Under The Sun is a reflective synth track. In a timely way it feels like a farewell to the summer. Which is appropriate, coming a couple of months after Jordan’s last track Bikini Girls. A mid-tempo tune, full of rich and deep synth sounds and dreamy melodies. Nostalgic, without out being sad. Pensive, without being depressing. Jordan’s emotional electronic music waves goodbye to the partying months and looks forward to next year. While you;re here, check out this reMix of Jordan’s Aurora, by Italian SynthWave newcomer Vincenzo Salvia, who delivers some piercing lead work and a multi layered sound.

Jordan F – Under The Sun

Jordan F – Aurora (Vincenzo Salvia reMix)

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Jordan F reMixes Sun City

Sun City

We don’t know too much about Perth based Indie-Electro duo Sun City at this point, although they may well deserve out further investigation. What we do know, however, is Australia’s greatest SynthWave export Jordan F. The latter has reMixed the formers’ track Zoetrope, and it’s chilled out retro radness.

Jordan’s been releasing quite a lot lately, it seems like he’s got his groove back and is bringing his A-game to every track he drops. This reMix of Zoetrope is a delicate retro workout loaded with nostalgia and innocence. Taking the best of the quiet moments in 80’s movie synth soundtracks and applying them liberally to a laid back beach groove works perfectly with the introspective vocals. What you are left with is  a track that hides rich emotional power in it’s beautiful electronic dream.

Sun City – Zoetrope (Jordan F reMix)

Check out more from Sun City on SoundCloud.

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Jordan F’s ‘Bikini Girls’

Jordan F

It’s all go in the world of Jordan F right now. We’re getting new tune after new tune after new tune. We’re not complaining though, each one of Jordan’s productions is spot-on and just shows why he is deservedly one of the SynthWave scenes leading lights.

His newest one is the cheeky Bikini Girls. A skyrocketing, carefree tune that conjures relaxing days and lazy night, white sands and good times. It’s a bouncy mid-paced Italo tune that’s been layered with some seriously massive retro soundtrack synths. Sit back and relax as sparking melodies and leads wash in and out of the track like waves. All that’s left to do now is wait for Jordan’s album, which we hope is coming very soon.

Jordan F – Bikini Girls

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Tommy’s Outer Space Adventure with Jordan F & MegaDrive


The new album from leading light of the third wave of SynthWave, Tommy, is due for release in September. Outer Space Adventurer bills itself as a ‘Soundtrack for a Science-Fiction story’  and it certainly lives up to that premise as Tommy pulls out all his synthesizer wizardry brings Jordan F  and MegaDrive along for the ride.

Bringing his best Vangelis game to the table with the album’s title track Outer Space Adventurer, Tommy crafts a cosmic oddessy, a sumptuous tide of futuristic, rich synths set against the backdrop of a pounding mid-paced Italo rhythm section. Really capturing something magical and wondrous, Tommy takes the listener on a remarkable audio voyage through distant galaxies. A track to spark the imagination. Already Jordan F and MegaDrive have stepped up to the plate to work their reMix goodness on the track. Jordan, unsurprisingly, totally nails it. Keeping the mood but enhancing it with an air of romanticism with his beautiful, shimmering, melodies. The otherworldly sense of awe remains, but touched with something more emotionally human. MegaDrive gives the track a driving kick in the ass. Drawing out the tracks Italo side, MegaDrive even adds a little Acid into the mix, letting those sparkling leads play out over a grittier Electro groove. When Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer album drops, you can bet it’ll be some of the best SynthWave you’ve heard all year.

♫ Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (Jordan F reMix)

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (MegaDrive reMix)

Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is released 3rd September.

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Jordan F’s ‘Aurora’


Hot on the heels of his reworked Summers Of Tomorrow EP Australian SynthWave superstar Jordan F presents us with a brand new track just in time for a scorching weekend. So if you’re in the mood for something slick and synthy to chill to over the next few days, look no further.

Aurora is a smooth, floaty slice of retro Electro. Fright from the offset, a rich synth melody and driving Italo bassline greet you, pulling you into the track. Walking the line between dreamlike and dancefloor friendly, Aurora tick all the boxes for a blissed out nostalgia jam. The track rises and falls like the ebb and flow of a tide, carrying you along with it. This has to be listened to wearing shades.

Jordan F – Aurora

Summers Of Tomorrow is available right now, for free, at Jordan F’s Bandcamp.

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Jordan F’s ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ redux

Jordan F

Australia’s finest SynthWave export Jordan F originally released the Summers Of Tomorrow EP last year. It was kinda’ just before the excursion with his alter-ego Countach. Now he’s fully back in Jordan F mode he’s revisited the EP, it’s been refreshed, remastered and has a little track list tweak. The all-new Summers Of Tomorrow EP is heading your way right now.

Beginnings kicks of the EP, and the differences are readily apparent. This version is a lot slicker. Gone is the abrasive bass sound, replaced by a more atmospheric tone, and the whole production is a lot more well rounded. Everything sits together a lot nicer, for an instrumental, soundtrack peice such as this it makes all the difference. Whilst the original has an Italo rawness, these track sound a lot more mature. Abandoned Streets is abandoned in favour of it’s Crime In Fourth Sector counterpart, and again, the remastering is a revelation. Softening the gritty synth work allows the rhythm a section to carry the song a lot more fluidly. The neon drenched dystopia theme works it way into the track a lot better with this version, the powerdrive soundtrack Electro feeling more comfortable with itself. Dream Machine, the EP’s new addition, was obviously written with unicorns in mind, a pulsing electronic haze that Vangelis would have been proud of. Renegade probably benefits the most from the reworking, the whole track working as a rich emotive Italo stomper much better with everything lying tighter in the mix. The EP’s title track, a outro, Summers Of Tomorrow, is here fully allowed to realise it’s epic, Sci-Fi, majesty without the drums overbearing. Actually, it’s the drums where you hear the biggest difference in this remastering, they don’t dominate the tracks anymore, they become part of them. Jordan F is easily in the top five musicians making SynthWave right now, without a doubt, but this new found maturity to his productions will push him even higher. There may be an album coming soon, and that’s exciting as hell.

♫ Jordan F – Crime In Fourth Sector

♫ Jordan F – Dream Machine

♫ Jordan F – Renegade

Summers Of Tomorrow is available right now, for free, at Jordan F’s Bandcamp.

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Jordan F’s ‘A New Day


Australian top -tier SynthWave producer Jordan F is back with another new track, ‘A New Day’. I kinda’ get the feeling that since his reversion back to the Jordan F moniker after a brief spell as Countach, that he’s working toward something, that these new tracks being deliver are taking us on a journey toward something special. Is it nearly album time maybe?

‘A New Day’ is a beautiful track that really captures the feeling embodied in it’s title. It’s a bright, optimistic tune, laying out, sonically, the promise of a fresh start and new horizons after a set-back. Jordan’s use of upbeat drums and sparkling layers of synths alongside a happy, bouncy bassline in this track are something you can’t help but smile at, even if you’re having a shitty day, and I think that;s the point of the track. But all that is beside the point once you hit Jordan’s epic soloing, pure synth shredding that will leave you slack-jawed and in awe as this rush of synthesizer music emotion washed over you. Also, in a real world situation, I’m just going to have this track hand on y mp3 player for the long cold walks home in the blinding morning light after all-night clubbing adventures.

Jordan F – A New Day

Jordan F’s ‘Abandoned Streets’ EP is out now.

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Jordan F’s epic, full length, ‘Abandoned Streets’


This is a truly epic treat to start the week with from Jordan F, the full, 11 minute version of ‘Abandoned Streets’. Originally part of the ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ EP, this new version is a true musical journey.

First off I’d like to point out that 11 minutes is a lot of time to grow tired of a song, not once in ‘Abandoned Streets’ did I get bored, in fact not once did my attention waver, it’s just that compelling. So, the whole SynthWave, Outrun genre is built around soundtrack-esque styles, and it does a wonderful job of it too, but over ten minutes gives Jordan room to really tell a story, shifting moods from one section of the arrangement to the next, driving the narrative forward yet keeping the same underlying theme. The synth work here is nothing short of brilliance, from the growling bass to the solos which prompted me to leave a comment on SoundCloud asking “Are you fucking kidding me????? <3” they are that good, soaring and twisting around the track while the moody atmospheres pay out beneath them. Next time you’re walking home, in the rain, in the city, in the dark, stick this on, I guarantee your trip will be a whole lot more exciting.

♫ Jordan F – Abandoned Streets

‘Abandoned Streets’ will be out soon on Bandcamp.

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The return of Jordan F


I suppose you have to take a trip to find out where home is. maybe that’s what happened to Jordan F, who recently shed his name to dabble with a smoother sound under the moniker Countach, however he found he missed Jordan F too much, and y’know what, so did we.

So Jordan F, or as we like to call him the man in desperate need of new press photos, is back and announcing his return with ‘Jordan’s Theme’, his synthesizer manifesto. The track itself is a smoothed out, solo infused version of the title track of his ‘Definitely Miami’ EP, a little slicker n the production, a little more mature sounding, and rocking some serious leads. But more than the music, it’s a marker, a point that Jordan F can move forward from and take us all on his crazy retro synth ride.

♫ Jordan F – Jordan’s Theme

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jordan f

So, what does pumped up SynthWave champion Jordan F do with his downtime form making epic action movie soundtracks? Apparently, he writes the smoothest love jams for those quite moments in his imaginary ‘80’s blockbusters’ under the name Countach.

This track, ‘Love Theme’, is (to continue the move theme) visually, blue light, white sheets, venetian blinds and beads of sweat. You get the idea. It’s all ‘80’s R&B rimshots and the vibe from LL Cool J’s ‘I Need Love’ creating the mood. and the that sax come in and… Well, that’s how we did things in the ‘80’s!

♫ Countach – Love Theme

Check out more from Countach on SoundCloud.