Countach’s ‘Driven’


Countach, the new alter-ego of one of Australia’s premiere SynthWave producers Jordan F, is back with another new tune. ‘Driven is a powerhouse SynthWave tune with an aggressive EBM bass.

I can’t help but feel that if this is going to be your driving soundtrack anywhere, it’s going to be on the autobahn. A musically Germanic track, with the aforementioned EBM bass playing amongst hard drums and ominous chords. The only respite from the juggernaut being Jordan’s sky-rocketing lead line. We’ve been hearing more an more SynthWave and Nu-Italo drawing on old school EBM’s growling darkness recently, a lot of it I think in unintentional. It’s an unexpected turn of events, but one we will watch closely.

♫ Countach – Driven

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jordan f

So, what does pumped up SynthWave champion Jordan F do with his downtime form making epic action movie soundtracks? Apparently, he writes the smoothest love jams for those quite moments in his imaginary ‘80’s blockbusters’ under the name Countach.

This track, ‘Love Theme’, is (to continue the move theme) visually, blue light, white sheets, venetian blinds and beads of sweat. You get the idea. It’s all ‘80’s R&B rimshots and the vibe from LL Cool J’s ‘I Need Love’ creating the mood. and the that sax come in and… Well, that’s how we did things in the ‘80’s!

♫ Countach – Love Theme

Check out more from Countach on SoundCloud.