Jordan F’s ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ redux

Jordan F

Australia’s finest SynthWave export Jordan F originally released the Summers Of Tomorrow EP last year. It was kinda’ just before the excursion with his alter-ego Countach. Now he’s fully back in Jordan F mode he’s revisited the EP, it’s been refreshed, remastered and has a little track list tweak. The all-new Summers Of Tomorrow EP is heading your way right now.

Beginnings kicks of the EP, and the differences are readily apparent. This version is a lot slicker. Gone is the abrasive bass sound, replaced by a more atmospheric tone, and the whole production is a lot more well rounded. Everything sits together a lot nicer, for an instrumental, soundtrack peice such as this it makes all the difference. Whilst the original has an Italo rawness, these track sound a lot more mature. Abandoned Streets is abandoned in favour of it’s Crime In Fourth Sector counterpart, and again, the remastering is a revelation. Softening the gritty synth work allows the rhythm a section to carry the song a lot more fluidly. The neon drenched dystopia theme works it way into the track a lot better with this version, the powerdrive soundtrack Electro feeling more comfortable with itself. Dream Machine, the EP’s new addition, was obviously written with unicorns in mind, a pulsing electronic haze that Vangelis would have been proud of. Renegade probably benefits the most from the reworking, the whole track working as a rich emotive Italo stomper much better with everything lying tighter in the mix. The EP’s title track, a outro, Summers Of Tomorrow, is here fully allowed to realise it’s epic, Sci-Fi, majesty without the drums overbearing. Actually, it’s the drums where you hear the biggest difference in this remastering, they don’t dominate the tracks anymore, they become part of them. Jordan F is easily in the top five musicians making SynthWave right now, without a doubt, but this new found maturity to his productions will push him even higher. There may be an album coming soon, and that’s exciting as hell.

♫ Jordan F – Crime In Fourth Sector

♫ Jordan F – Dream Machine

♫ Jordan F – Renegade

Summers Of Tomorrow is available right now, for free, at Jordan F’s Bandcamp.

Buy Jordan F’s music from:

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