Jordan F’s epic, full length, ‘Abandoned Streets’


This is a truly epic treat to start the week with from Jordan F, the full, 11 minute version of ‘Abandoned Streets’. Originally part of the ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ EP, this new version is a true musical journey.

First off I’d like to point out that 11 minutes is a lot of time to grow tired of a song, not once in ‘Abandoned Streets’ did I get bored, in fact not once did my attention waver, it’s just that compelling. So, the whole SynthWave, Outrun genre is built around soundtrack-esque styles, and it does a wonderful job of it too, but over ten minutes gives Jordan room to really tell a story, shifting moods from one section of the arrangement to the next, driving the narrative forward yet keeping the same underlying theme. The synth work here is nothing short of brilliance, from the growling bass to the solos which prompted me to leave a comment on SoundCloud asking “Are you fucking kidding me????? <3” they are that good, soaring and twisting around the track while the moody atmospheres pay out beneath them. Next time you’re walking home, in the rain, in the city, in the dark, stick this on, I guarantee your trip will be a whole lot more exciting.

♫ Jordan F – Abandoned Streets

‘Abandoned Streets’ will be out soon on Bandcamp.

Buy Jordan F’s music from:

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