Jordan F’s ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ EP


Jordan F is fast becoming the Vangelis of the SynthWave world. After dropping a bunch of beach party tunes Jordan seems to have turned his attention to soundtracking a dystopian future, as he does in his latest EP for Rosso Corsa Records.

The ‘Summers of Tomorrow’ EP is a journey through rain the back streets of some megacity, bather on a neo glow with only the rain for company. The EP kick off with ‘Beginnings’ which, as you can imagine, is a sweeping, epic, title sequence peice, slow basslines, reminiscent of the ‘80’s ‘V’ are accompanied by some powerful melodic work that draws you in and sets you up for the other three tracks. ‘Abandoned Streets’ drops you right into the ‘plot’ of the EP, moody Italo beats and basslines and Sci-Fi synths convey the mood of Jordan’s future metropolis. His skilful melding of Italo, Outrun Electro and EBM allows him to create these Cyberpunk atmospheres in his tracks without ever becoming over-run by it, as with ‘Renegade’, you realise Jordan can evoke this BladeRunner-esque imagery, but never looses sight of just being a good song either. ‘Renegade’ is both narratively exciting and a damn good retro Italo tune. The EP wraps up with the title track, the rousing, hopeful, aftermath of the release. this has been an amazing year for Jordan F, having gone from Dreamwave newcomer to one of the big players of the SynthWave scene and a bit of a wizard behind the synths.

♫ Jordan F – Abandoned Streets

♫ Jordan F – Summers Of Tomorrow

The ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ EP will be available for free download on the Rosso Corsa Records Bandcamp soon.

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