Hot Hot Hawk’s ‘Rise and Down’

Hot Hot Hawk

Russia’s Hot Hot Hawk is at it again! This time the Nu-Disco/SynthWave producer has brought along a vocalist, and the results are fresh as hell. Enlisting Ksenia Popova to land the track a little female charm, Hot Hot Hawk hits the ground running in this smooth slice of relaxed summer soul.

Popova vocals has a slight Russian twang to them, which no only gives the track an originality in the Nu-Disco pantheon, but also immediately endears the listener to the track. Add to that Hot Hot Hawks’ deep Disco grooves, loaded with stabbing synths , bouncing basslines and shuffling drums, and you have a track fit for the sexiest of beach parties. The combination of pulsating Disco and sharp floating melodies is a masterstroke.

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down

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