[Audio] Hot Hot Hawk’s new single

Hot Hot Hawk

Russia’s Hot Hot Hawk have only just dropped their amazing collaboration with Patrick Baker, but they are already promoting their new single, the Pasha featuring Space Traveller. Two new releases so close together can feel a bit cramped, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of either tune. Space Traveller is released later this month with a packed reMix collection.

The original version of the track is an amazing slice of post-Kraftwerk Italo, and a schizophrenic beast. Starting off as a Cosmic Disco tribute to das robots, thick bassline playing off against the Teutonic synths, as soon as the vocals arrive Space Traveller morphs into a warm mixture of Italo and 80s Electric Soul. As the song rises and rises, with more layered sounds and soaring vocals, tit becomes pretty epic. To be honest the reMixes are a little hit and miss. The definite standouts comes from London’s 80s Stallone, who injects the SynthWave Italo with a little retro Disco, Just his subtle use of cowbell, claps and vocoders, give the track a little more groove, and DigitalNativeDance, who also turns in one of the better mixes. DND’s mix brings a Boogie flavour to the tune and emotional use of piano and Acidic synths. Summer Of Haze bring the single to a nice conclusion with a post-Chillwave marching soundscape. The rest of the reMixes are OK, but a little uninspired, but all-in-all it’s a great release.

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (80s Stallone reMix)

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (DigitalNativeDance reMix)

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (Summer of Haze reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk’s Space Traveller is released 23rd November on Emerald & Doreen Rec.

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