Hot Hot Hawk’s new EP


Russian SynthWave producer Hot Hot Hawk has just released his new EP, ‘Ventilate’. Prepare for some retro soundtrack inspired synthesizer excitement.

‘Ventilate’ contains six track of post-Italo, rapid fire electronic soundtracks. Soundtracks to some kick-ass action movie from the ‘80’s that was never made. Of course, this scene is starting to get a little flooded so how does Hot Hot Hawk differentiate himself from the pack. Well, for a start he has an amazing grasp of Melody, which he weaves in and out of runaway arpeggiated basslines to spectacular effect. He also layers his tracks with sublet use of guitar, not in the crunchy way some do, but tonally, adding an extra pad or soaring solo. Another factor that sets him apart from a lot of his peers is his grasp of House and Disco, even Indie, influences he folds into his SynthWave tracks to give them that little big for Funk and groove. Overall though, Hot Hot Hawk produces some classic electronic soundtrack inspired moments, some rousing emotional peices that capture each desired mood perfectly. With an added bonus Disco round.

♫ Hot Hot Hawk – Fight Back And Take Over The City

♫ Hot Hot Hawk – Midnight Thunder

♫ Hot Hot Hawk – Atlanta Skyline

Check out more from Hot Hot Hawk on SoundCloud.

Buy Hot Hot Hawk’s music from:

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