[Audio] Grum’s ‘Everytime’



I swear people don’t get Grum, or at least choose to forget about everything he’s released since Can’t Shake This Feeling. Sure, he made some of the best Dreamwavey-Disco around, but if I hear another person talking about Grum being Disco my head is going to explode. Grum is a talented producer who has never needed to restrict himself to tight niches. For the last year or so he’s been a Euphoric Trance artist, with everyone seemingly to be trying to pretend he wasn’t, and now he’s turned his considerable skills to that rich point in the early 90s in the UK when House was morphing into Rave, in a post-Bleep House world, and captures that freshness, that excitement, in his new tune, Everytime.

So what we have here with Everytime, is a rolling British House beat and intoxicating proto-Rave synth lines. This is a 4am warehouse tune. In a way it’s a kind of UK response to the waves of late 80s/early 90s Chicago House-a-likes currently flooding the dance scene, and as you can hear from the radio rip, Annie Mac’s “really really feeling” it too. Whilst still pretty House oriented, Grum fans who refuse to move on might feel more at home with this new reMix the man has also dropped. It’s for Liverpudlian act Cahill’s Fell The Love. A big piano House monster that’s a bit more MTV than Everytime. Both new tracks are most welcome here, Grum’s been away far too long.

♫ Grum – Everytime (Radio Rip)

♫ Cahill – Feel The Love (Grum reMix)

Grum’s Everytime is released soon, with a bunch of reMixes.

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