Moullinex & Gigamesh


Next month Gomma man Moullinex will finally be releasing his long awaited début (really?) album, Flora, and boy it’s going to be a funk fuelled killer. In preparation we’ve got two new tracks for you here. First up a celebratory freebie from the man himself followed by a reMix of his new single from Gigamesh.

Moullinex dropped Kassette as one of those ‘reached xxxx ‘likes’ or whatever’ milestones. Whereas we are pretty opposed to this meaningless numbers game the music industry is turning into, we can’t fault a new Moullinex track. Kassette is an Edit of Kasso’s Walkman from 1982 that Moullinex has been playing out for quite a while and now it can be enjoyed in all it’s twisted funk, multi instrumental, infectious hook, glory. Take My Pain Away will be the album’s preceding single and alongside reMixes from Rory Phillips, Strip Steve, and DJ Steef sits this blinding track from Gigamesh. Gigamesh whips up an epic retro Disco tune that just goes to prove why he is one of Disco big rising stars. A flawless production built on an irresistible funky groove and driven on by some spine-tingling solos.

Moullinex – Kassette

♫ Moullinex – Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh reMix)

Moullinex’s Flora is released 25th October, with Take My Pain Away just before on the 9th.

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