Jerry Bouthier’s 100% Gomma Edits

Jerry Bouthier bouthier6

Kitsuné resident DJ, on half of JBAG and all round London ElectroPop superstar Jerry Bouthier is teaming up with Gomma Dance Tracks to drops a four track EP of his personal edits of some of Gomma’s recent knockouts.

JB really is the master of the edit (I’ll direct you to ‘Riot In Belgium – La Musique (JBAG’s BoomBoxed Re-Edit)’ as proof of that statement) and here he works his magic on The Twelves’ reMix of Munk’s ‘Violent Love’, Golden Bug’s ‘LookLookLook’ as reMixes by In Flagranti, Alan1’s ‘Concertmate’ and the THC reMix of Hall of Shame’ by Diskokaine. Check out Mr. Bouthier’s ‘100% Gomma mix’ to see how they are going down.

Jerry Bouthier – 100% Gomma Edits MiniMix

The ‘100% Gomma mix’ is out now with the ‘100% Gomma Edits’ EP later in August.

Buy Jerry Bouthier’s music from:


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