Foxes + Pyramid + Monsieur Adi


Singer/songwriter Louisa Rose Allen’s recently had a second wind, as Foxes, when Neon Gold, always with the finger on the pulse of eclectic Pop, snapped her up for the release of her new single ‘Youth’. released earlier this  month.

Appropriately for Neon Gold, the single exists in the nexus between Ellie and Marina. Take Marina’s quirkiness and Ellie’s percussion led bombast and wrap them up with impassioned vocals and a sense of accessibility and it should see Foxes make quite a mark in 2012. You know Neon Gold has an eye for these things. The internet has been graced with some wonderful reMixes of the tune too. Pyramid, who début is still regularly playlisted round these parts, delivers an seriously impressive, driving, SynthWave mix. With a real analog rawness to it, yet still with a Pop sheen. Some majestic organs elevate a track which is probably my favourite version of the song, which is saying a lot when you hear the other reMix. Monsieur Adi, who since his début has done no wrong in our eyes, turns in an awesome, rhythmically exciting, slice of soaring Nu-DiscoPop. Frantic drumming and dagger sharp synth leads and a hint of Samba all fall into Adi’s melting pot and the result is a seven minute aural party.

Foxes – Youth (Pyramid reMix)

Foxes – Youth (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Foxes – Youth

Check out more from Foxes on SoundCloud.

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