[Audio] Le Youth reMixes Foxes’ ‘Youth’



As we reported last week, one of ElectroPop songstress Foxes’ first tunes, Youth, is getting re-released, and as we can expect, it’s going to come with a loaded reMix package in a couple of months time. Included in that package is this slightly weird, but very cool, reMix from LA Disco producer Le Youth.

Le Youth pitched down the vocals, but not in a Chicago House way, in a was that oddly fits with what he’s done musically. Chopping and cutting the vocals over a deep Disco groove, Le Youth spins the track around with popping purcussion, sharp retro synths and an R&B swing. This is your new soundtrack for good times with good friends, even if the pitched down vocals are a tad unsettling at times.

♫ Foxes – Youth (Le Youth reMix)

Foxes’ Youth is released 6th October.

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