Fare Soldi’s New EP


The sun is shining and it may be April but we can pretend it’s summer, no? To help us in our delusion Italian Italo masters Fare Soldi are about to drop a new EP.

Titled ‘Houstria’, the EP’s lead track ‘Pompa O Non Pompa’ ask the incredibly important question “to pump, or not to pump” and answers it with, well, pump! It’s full on Italo Disco and defiantly not to be missed if you’re parting in this fine weather. Also on the EP is ‘Stambulia’ with more of an Electro-House vibe to it but remaining just as ‘out there’ in Fare Soldi’s own particular style.

Fare Soldi – Pompa O Non Pompa (zShare) (MediaFire)

Fare Soldi – Stambulia (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Houstria’ drops worldwide on 30th April.

Fare Soldi @ Beatport

Fare Soldi @ 7Digital

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