Crystal Castles’ new tune

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles have dropped a brand new tune, supposedly from their forthcoming new album. Can anyone guess the albums title? We have our suspicions. It’s the first new track they’ve released this year and if taken in context with their second album shows the continues mellowing of Crystal Castles sound.

Plague sees a more melodic, dare I say it, more emotional, Crystal Castles. Alice’s lament cuts through the wall of chord driven noise like a knife. It all sounds like shouty CC of old, or at least all the elements are there, but there seems to be more effort to emotionally connect with the listener. Which both works and is no bad thing. If a wall of piercing synth tones if going to hit you in the face like a fist, at least it can make you understand it’s motivations.

Crystal Castles – Plague

Crystal Castles current (and second) self titled about is out now, their third record is due out in September.

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