[Video] Alice In Videoland’s ‘Let Go’


Alice In Videoland   Let Go   YouTube

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Sweedish ElectroPunks Alice In Videoland are back, when it totally seemed like they wouldn’t be. As exuberant as ever, the new single, Let Go, is classic AiV. Big synths, big riffs and Toril’s vocals on fine form.

Check out the slick video. Put together by Andreas Johansson & Anders Printz the clip looks surprisingly big budget for a DIY band like Alice In Videoland.

Alice In Videoland’s Let Go is out now.

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Alice In Videoland’s ‘Spaceship’ video (sort of)

We really don’t know what’s going on with original ElectroPopPunks Alice In Videoland. They’ve been quite for so long now we had presumed they’d called it a day. We hope that’s not the case, and maybe the fact that they’ve pulled out all the stops to finally the release the video for their 2010 hit Spaceship is a good sign.

We remember seeing stills from this clip a few years ago. From what we can gather the video was filmed then most of the footage was lost in a hard drive crash and the video was scrapped.. Rather than letting it go to waste, it appears that Toril and Anders took it upon themselves to salvage what footage was left, spend some time learning about editing, and finish it themselves. The result is more a bit of fun than anything, mostly made up of outtakes, but it’s good to see it finally put together. We wonder how it would have looked with the real effects, we remember seeing photos of Toril and giant gorilla arms and stuff.

Spaceship is taken from Alice In Videoland’s forth album, A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You. Out now.

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Alice In Videoland in Mercedes commercial

Why am I posting a Mercedes commercial?

a) It features the music of Alice In Videoland, who are awesome and deserve all the exposure in the world.

b) It’s been a long day, I’m really tired and can’t be arsed with mucking around doing long music posts.

c) Again, I like giving AiV exposure!

The track is ‘Something New’ from AiV’s current album, ‘A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You’, out now:

Alice In Videoland @ Beatport

Alice In Videoland @ Juno

Alice In Videoland @ 7Digital

Alice In Videoland @ Amazon

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New Alice In Videoland single! Spaceship


Long-time readers of electronic rumors should be no strangers to Swedish ElectroPunk outfit Alice In Videoland (they even made our top 20 tracks of 2009!), they are one band we can’t help but get enthusiastic about.

Some exiting news, then, coming out of AiV HQ, the guys are finalizing the recording of new material and are gearing up for the release of a brand new single!

‘Spaceship’ is one of the most commercial tracks to come out of the AiV camp (despite the lyrical content), but that’s no bad thing. Pushing their raw ElectroPunk sound into territories verging on Electro-House and Pop, the single is like Lady GaGa or Goldfrapp run through a distortion pedal. Catchy as hell (something a little bit lacking from their last album) with an infections riff ‘Spaceship’ reminds you of just how in-your-face electronic music, and even Pop, can be in the right hands.

Alice In Videoland have been kind enough to allow me to share the track with you lot:

Alice In Videoland – Spaceship (zShare) (MediaFire)

A definite welcome return for Alice’s Electro-Pop-Punk soundclash.

The ‘Spaceship’ single is released 21st April on Wonderland Records.

Alice In Videoland @ Beatport

Alice In Videoland @ Juno

Alice In Videoland @ 7Digital

Alice In Videoland @ Amazon

New Alice In Videoland track!!!

AliceIn Videoland2

This has really made my day!

The almighty Alice In Videoland have dropped a new track, the first new material since 2008’s ‘She’s a Machine’, and it’s classic AiV! ‘Psychobitch’ see a return to the electronic Pop-Punk of the ‘Outrageous!’ album over the more EBM influenced last album, and that is no bad thing!

With heavy bass, screaming synths and some really punky vocals from Toril, its good to have this riotous, Electro rockin’, badass AiV back!

I don’t want to repeat myself but Alice In Videoland really put other bands who call themselves ‘ElectroPunk’ to shame.

AiV have been kind enough to allow me to share the new track with you lot!

Alice In Videoland – Psychobitch (zShare) (MediaFire)

Read about how much electronic rumors loves AiV here, then go buy some stuff!

Alice In Videoland @ Alice In Videoland Store

Alice In Videoland @ Amazon

Alice In Videoland


Sweden’s Alice In Videoland easily rank as one of my all time favourite bands, describing them isn’t easy as no-one is doing anything quite like them.

A lot of bands use the term Electro-Punk, but it seems to mean something different to each if them. If you ask me, the band that really deserves the title is AiV, Rather than just being some sort of shock-Electro or Minimal-Techno-with-funky-hairstyles act, they actually make Punk songs (well, Pop-Punk) with electronics. Take the best in female fronted Pop-Punk, from No Doubt all the way back to Blondie, give the band synths instead of guitars and you’re beginning to get the picture.

The music is as Danceable at it is pogo-able, noisy synths and frantic drums are cut through with poppy 80’s-esq lead lines and Toril’s sweet & sour vocals.

Their first album, 2003’s ‘Maiden Voyage’, was 10 tracks of absolutely perfectly crafted Electro-Pop-Punk. every time I hear it I always think that, if AiV were promoted more outside Scandinavia or their label had bigger distribution and marketing budget,  this record would have been huge!

Alice In Videoland – Got To Go (zShare) (MediaFire)

Alice In Videoland – Lay Me Down (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Their 2005 follow up, ‘Outrageous!’, had a rawer, punkier sound whist retaining the Pop melodies and hooks. Again, this could have been a hugely popular record, with more exposure Alice In Videoland would have quickly been embraced by the Modular loving Indie-eEectro crowd.

Alice In Videoland – Emily (zShare) (MediaFire)

Alice In Videoland – Ladykiller (zShare) (MediaFire)

Their most recent album, ‘She’s A Machine!’ from last year, was quite a low key release. It saw a move toward a heavy electronics, almost EBM sound, displaying more club influences than previously.

Alice In Videoland (Feat. Maja Ivarsson) – We Are Rebels (zShare) (MediaFire)

Alice In Videoland – Weird Desire (zShare) (MediaFire)

Alice In Videoland have meshed Punk/Rock attitudes and songwriting with electronic music in a way that no one else has, and arguably more successfully. Unfortunately, the place AiV have had the most success is the EBM/Industrial scene, which is a musical ghetto and almost a death-mark when it comes to wider exposure. Alice In Videoland deserve better.

So…that’s the point of this post, hopefully some of you Electro kids will give these track a listen, believe me, you won’t regret it.

The band have some new material on the way, keep reading electronic rumors for news.

A fantastic live band, although the one time they visited the UK (back in 2004) seems like so long ago, all three of their albums come very, very highly recommended:

Alice In Videoland @ Alice In Videoland Store

Alice In Videoland @ Amazon