Crystal Castles’ ‘Wrath Of God’

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles are seriously starting to work toward the release of their third album, titled (III), which we presume means it’s actually titled Crystal Castles again. Wrath Of God is the second track from the forthcoming record to be released.

(III) has been produced entirely by CC’s Ethan Kath in a computer free zone. Everything has been, apparently, recorded directly to tape (which will make their live shows interesting), that;s not to say there is still a lot of drum programming and arpeggiating going on. Wrath Of God is a majestic tune, more haunting than we’re used to from CC and may be an indication of the different mood on the new album. The booming beat, bit-crunched synths and distant, wailing, vocals are still present, but tempered with a misty production style and shimmering, ghostly, piano. The album should be an interesting affair.

Crystal Castles – Wrath Of God

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