Alice In Videoland’s ‘Spaceship’ video (sort of)

We really don’t know what’s going on with original ElectroPopPunks Alice In Videoland. They’ve been quite for so long now we had presumed they’d called it a day. We hope that’s not the case, and maybe the fact that they’ve pulled out all the stops to finally the release the video for their 2010 hit Spaceship is a good sign.

We remember seeing stills from this clip a few years ago. From what we can gather the video was filmed then most of the footage was lost in a hard drive crash and the video was scrapped.. Rather than letting it go to waste, it appears that Toril and Anders took it upon themselves to salvage what footage was left, spend some time learning about editing, and finish it themselves. The result is more a bit of fun than anything, mostly made up of outtakes, but it’s good to see it finally put together. We wonder how it would have looked with the real effects, we remember seeing photos of Toril and giant gorilla arms and stuff.

Spaceship is taken from Alice In Videoland’s forth album, A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You. Out now.

Buy Alice In Videoland’s music from:


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