Crystal Castles’ ‘Affection’

Crystal Castles

Here’s out third crack at Canadian noiseniks Crystal Castles new album (III), or Crystal Castles again, depending on your viewpoint. Coming Mid-November, the hints of the album we have has so far, Plague and Wrath Of God point toward a more emotional, more musical album. This new tune, Affection, definitely reinforces that notion.

Affection is a dreamlike collision of Electro beats and 90s Trance arpeggios creating a strangely comforting blanket of synths. Warping noises ebb and flow out of the track while Alice Glass’ vocal circles the track like a lost ghost. We are finding ourselves looking forward to (III) a lot more than we were (II). It should be interesting at the very least, and if Crystal Castles continue to break their own mold as the do here, could be something special.

♫ Crystal Castles – Affection

Crystal Castles’ (III) is released 12th November.

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