modual are a Swedish duo who describe their music as ‘Popstep’, which is a pretty apt description.

Mixing elements of Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Garage with Pop songwriting and chord structures they create a sound which is both Dubby, danceable and poppy. It makes for some smooth listening, the music combines bits of deep, dark, Dubstep and more Jazzy D&B (a la Roni Size) which make a refreshing backing for proper Pop songs.

This is going straight on my mp3 player!

modual – Waltz

modual – Shadows Play

modual – Deeper Than This

Download modual’s EP from Bandcamp:

modual @ Bandcamp

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Dubstep man of the moment I.D. released his new EP, ‘Mustang’ this month on SubSlayers.

His first solo effort outside of his partnership with Baobinga, the title track rides a deep Dubstep bassline over intricate breaks. The warping bass creating a musical tension skilfully broken buy strings and effects. Defiantly one for a dimly lit club at 3am

I.D. – Mustang

The ‘Mustang’ EP is out this month.

I.D. @ Beatport

I.D. @ Juno

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Major Lazer & La Roux partner up to release mixtape


While in the studio in Jamaica, Electro-Dancehall masters Diplo & Switch A.K.A. Major Lazer put together a mixtape for La Roux, dubbing it ‘Lazerproof’.

Consisting of 14 mash-ups of La Roux’s SynthPop gold with various Dubplates, Blends and Diplo & Switch’s beats featuring the likes of Amanda Blank, Candi Redd and Matthew Hemerlein. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a Dancehall/Electro/Dub/ElectroPop/Hip Hop/SynthPop/Dubstep/Ska collision album then this is the one for you. The whole album works amazingly well and handled masterfully by Major Lazer and all given to you for free via ‘Lazerproof’s mini-site. It’s defiantly different and a perfect way to kick off the summer, in fact in the first 24 hours of release 200,000 seemed to agree and crashed Diplo’s label, Mad Descent’s servers forcing the label to backup the album download at this zShare link!

Here’s some of our favourites from the mixtape:

Major Lazer & La Roux (Feat. Matt Hemerlein) – Bulletproof (Nacey reMix)

Major Lazer & La Roux – Colourless Artibella

Major Lazer & La Roux (Feat. Amanda Blank) – Quicksand (Mad Decent 2010 Rerub)

Major Lazer & La Roux (Feat. Candi Redd) – Independent Kill

Oh, and the mix has an awesome cover featuring an Iron Man armour clad Elly!

Head on over to the Lazerproof mini-site to pick up the mixtape.

Major Lazer @ Beatport

Major Lazer @ Juno

Major Lazer @ 7Digital

Major Lazer @ Amazon

La Roux @ Beatport

La Roux @ Juno

La Roux @ 7Digital

La Roux @ Amazon

Substatic’s début EP


Well, they said their début EP would be out in May and, bizarrely for a band, it will be out in May. If nothing else we can, at least, say that Substatic are punctual!

I’m not going to go on again about how impressed I was with this Bristol based Electro act, you can read what I wrote about them in my previous post, but I will say how they managed to improve on tracks that didn’t need improving for the release of the ‘Days Go On’ EP. Listening to the original, demo, versions (check the prior post for mp3s) I would have said they were easily of release quality but, production wise, Substatic have really outdone themselves this time around. The sound is more separated, everything sits together better. the drums kick, the basses rumble and there are some additional synth and guitar flourishes that are now allowed room in the mix, but it’s the vocal production that really stands out from the demos. Again, I wouldn’t have said there was anything wrong with the vocal production first time round, but now the vocals really shine. All-in-all these new recording really showcase Substatic’s unique blend of modern Electro, Breakbeat and songwriting talent.

There are four tracks on the EP. New versions of ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Triplet’, which we featured formerly. Both tracks have had some radio play, ‘Wild Horses’ being a Electro Breakbeat epic and ‘Triplet’ being an edgy, bass laden, Indie-electro tune with some Dubstep overtones. Either would be worthy of a single release. My personal favourite track on ‘Days Go On’ is ‘Edge Of Your Love’, an Electro-House/Nu-Disco stomper with a touch of (a more ballsy) Goldfrapp about it. As with tracks one and two, ‘Edge Of Your Love’ could easily carry a single release on it’s own. The EP draws to a close with ‘Closer’, a deep, bass heavy , emotional journey and a perfect end to the EP with a finale that layers strings and sparkling synths to almost spine-tingling effect. I know I mentioned it in my previous write up, but there really is something of the dramatic to Substatic’s songs. Whether it is in Alex and Steve’s intricate, driving, music or Colleen’s passionate vocal delivery, as a listener you really do feel a depth of emotion and a sense of urgency to the tracks.

♫ Substatic – Edge Of Your Love

If you want to pick up the full quality release (and you do!), ‘Days Go On’ drops 31st May but can be pre-ordered right now!

Substatic @ 7Digital

Substatic @ Amazon

Underworld’s new single


The new Underworld single (featuring Welsh Drum & Bass man High Contrast) is really growing on me.

Underworld have always been innovators and genre barrier breakers when it comes to electronic, and specifically dance, music. House, Breakbeat, Techno, Acid, Drum & Bass have all been churned in Underworld’s musical mixing bowl and always been sprinkled with a little ElectroPop topping. ‘Scribble’, is a feelgood Drum & Bass tune with an ElectroPop vocal, not something that always works but here it feels just right.

Underworld (Feat. High Contrast) – Scribble (Radio Edit) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Scribble’ is the first track taken from the forthcoming new Underworld album which is due for release later this year.

Underworld @ Beatport

Underworld @ Juno

Underworld @ 7Digital

Underworld @ Amazon

Nocturnal Sunshine


Maya Jane Coles, 50% (and main production force) of the wonderful Dubstep duo She Is Danger, is ready to unveil her new project, Nocturnal Sunshine, in the form of this track ‘Dirty Secret’, a blog first right here!

The track is big, warping, bass injection, combining elements of Dubstep, chilled Electronics and Tech-House. Dark, atmospheric and erotic, ‘Dirty Secret’ drags the deep ‘Fetish House’ of the late 1990’s kicking and screaming into 2010, forcing it to submit to the bass.

Maya manages to take snippets of may different styles of Electronic music and wrap them all up with a heavy, heavy, Dub bow, as you can hear from these two other examples of her work. ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’, a solo tune, mashes more traditional Dub with a 4/4 beat resulting in a late night (early morning?) chilled carnival anthem, while back with She Is Danger, this cover of Eurythmics’ ‘Whose That Girl?’ is an absolute killer. She Is Danger’s subby Dubstep seems a perfect fit for this track!

Nocturnal Sunshine – Dirty Secret (zShare) (MediaFire)

Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Believe The Hype (Edit) (zShare) (MediaFire)

She Is Danger – Who’s That Girl? (Eurythmics Cover) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Maya has been fairly prolific for a 23 year old with reMixes for the likes of Massive Attack, Groove Armada, MSTRKRFT & Ellie Goulding and releases under a number of different aliases.

Maya Jane Coles @ Beatport

She Is Danger @ Beatport

Maya Jane Coles @ Juno

Maya Jane Coles @ 7Digital

She Is Danger @ 7Digital

Maya Jane Coles @ Amazon

She Is Danger @ Amazon



I’ve been meaning to write about this band  for a couple of months now, but things have been pretty disorganized here at electronic rumors towers since I relocated from Camden back to my home town of Bristol (after six years away). I will now remedy this!

Long time readers will remember in the early, less focused, days of ER that I used to harp on about how much I missed Bristol, so if there’s one thing I like better than discovering new talented Electro artists, it’s discovering new talented Electro artists from Bristol.

Enter Substatic!

Without wanting to sound like an idiot, or incredibly literal, this is what contemporary Electro would sound like if it was being made in Bristol…which it is…so it does.

I’ll try and make more sense now. Substatic have got the big dirty synths, 8-bit sounds and raw electronics of Electro but they couple that with a Breakbeat flavour and Drum & Bass basslines that adds a powerful driving force beyond your typical Electro fare. More Electro than your standard ‘Bristol beat’ act and more ‘Bristol beat’ than your standard Electro act, Substatic have carved out a unique slice of the Electro musical landscape for themselves which they supplement with live instrumentation, a splash of guitar and the inclusion of live violin, which you would think would send the music down a folksy road but instead it adds that little bit of orchestration which in turn adds drama to the songs.

I’ve not even mentioned Colleen’s vocals yet! Powerful, dramatic, sultry, seductive with a hint of danger, the perfect piece of the puzzle that ties everything together. Equally devastating on the dancefloor as in the headphones, Substatic’s dynamic and compelling take on Electro is sure to propel them to great heights.

I could have just said “Substatic are a live Electro band turned up to 11”! Check it out:

Substatic – Triplet (zShare) (MediaFire)

Substatic – Wild Horses (zShare) (MediaFire)

Having already played a few high profile shows and gained exposure on BBC 6Music (#saveBBC6music BTW!), Substatic are defiantly one to keep an eye on in 2010!

The band are constantly gigging up and down the UK (their next show is 27th March @ The Junction, Bristol) and their reMix of Leisure Allstars ‘How We Roll’ is available here:

Leisure Allstars ‘How We Roll’ (Inc. Substatic reMix) @ 7Digital

Leisure Allstars ‘How We Roll’ (Inc. Substatic reMix) @ Amazon

The band are planning to release their début EP in May, until then show them some MySpace love:

Substatic @ MySpace

Frankmusik reMixed by A1 Bassline


Up and coming London Electro-House-Garage-Bass-Bastard producer A1 Bassline has hammered home this reMix of SynthPop guru Frankmusik‘s 3 ‘Little Words’

Frankmusik – 3 Little Words (A1 Bassline reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘3 Little Words’ is taken from the ‘Frankisum’ EP and was also released as a single in it’s own right.

Both worthy purchases for any fan of Electronic Pop.

Frankmusik @ Beatport

Frankmusik @ Juno

Frankmusik @ 7Digital

Frankmusik @ Amazon

A1 Bassline @ Amazon

Squarepusher: free download+new EP


Warp Records are giving away a free .mp3 of  ‘Illegal Dustbin’, a new Squarepusher track from his new EP ‘Numbers Lucent’ released on 19th January on 12″/CD/Download.

You can get the free track here.

I kinda’ liked the last Squarepusher album ‘Just A Souvenir’, it was the same insane Glitch-Drum & Bass-Jazz-Experimental nonsense you should be used to with Squarepusher but seemed to have all these crazy Pop overtones.

You’ve really got to be in the mood for Squarepusher though!

If you are…

Squarepusher @ Beatport

Squarepusher @ Juno

Squarepusher @ Amazon

Or pre-order the new EP @ WarpMart or Play