Major Lazer & La Roux partner up to release mixtape


While in the studio in Jamaica, Electro-Dancehall masters Diplo & Switch A.K.A. Major Lazer put together a mixtape for La Roux, dubbing it ‘Lazerproof’.

Consisting of 14 mash-ups of La Roux’s SynthPop gold with various Dubplates, Blends and Diplo & Switch’s beats featuring the likes of Amanda Blank, Candi Redd and Matthew Hemerlein. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a Dancehall/Electro/Dub/ElectroPop/Hip Hop/SynthPop/Dubstep/Ska collision album then this is the one for you. The whole album works amazingly well and handled masterfully by Major Lazer and all given to you for free via ‘Lazerproof’s mini-site. It’s defiantly different and a perfect way to kick off the summer, in fact in the first 24 hours of release 200,000 seemed to agree and crashed Diplo’s label, Mad Descent’s servers forcing the label to backup the album download at this zShare link!

Here’s some of our favourites from the mixtape:

Major Lazer & La Roux (Feat. Matt Hemerlein) – Bulletproof (Nacey reMix)

Major Lazer & La Roux – Colourless Artibella

Major Lazer & La Roux (Feat. Amanda Blank) – Quicksand (Mad Decent 2010 Rerub)

Major Lazer & La Roux (Feat. Candi Redd) – Independent Kill

Oh, and the mix has an awesome cover featuring an Iron Man armour clad Elly!

Head on over to the Lazerproof mini-site to pick up the mixtape.

Major Lazer @ Beatport

Major Lazer @ Juno

Major Lazer @ 7Digital

Major Lazer @ Amazon

La Roux @ Beatport

La Roux @ Juno

La Roux @ 7Digital

La Roux @ Amazon

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