[Download] Bit Funk’s ‘Soul Satisfaction’


Bit Funk

Soul Satisfaction is the latest tune from Brooklyn beatmaster Bit Funk and as per-usual, the man comes up with something surprising, innovative and out-of-the-blue. On Soul Satisfaction that surprise is a beautiful deep-south-y blues-y vocal which imbues the song with, well, soul. Check it out.

Remember in the mid-890s, when everyone was sampling old Blues records and pairing them up with piano hooks and breakbeats? Well, Soul Satisfaction is kinda’ like that, but minus the breakbeats and plus a truck load of House grove. The whole experience, from the finger-snapping beat to the big choruses, is quite dramatic and emotional, with Bit Funk’s music rising and falling with the vocals. It’s really hard not to love.

Bit Funk – Soul Satisfaction

Soul Satisfaction is taken from Bit Funk’s forthcoming Soul Satisfaction EP, due out 12th December.

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