[MP3] Bestrack’s new, free, album



Rad Parisian Disco producer Bestrack has just dropped a whole albums worth of tunes for free. The dude dropped some top reMixes recently but it sounds like he’s been saving the good stuff for this collection of original tunes. And what a collection it is! We would seriously pay money for this record, and it would be one of our top buys that months. Prepare for eight tracks of some of the best Electro-Disco around.

Workout 2000 is the title of the album (Bestrack calls it an EP, but c’mon, eight tracks? Far to generous) and it definitely is a workout. From the very start of the release, the opening bars of In Your Eyes it’s all high-octane dirty Disco. Cut-up funky shit supreme the opener is an almost perfect example of soaring peak-time Disco-House that immediately hooks you into the album, screaming solo and all. Don’t Quit brings a big retro feel to proceedings, with some massive nostalgic DiscoPop, that doesn’t quit for the whole record. This collection of track strikes just the right balance between 80s Pop, Nu-Disco and tough Electro. From the grinding dystopian SynthWave of Jaguar to the hi-energy EuroDisco of Stamina the album covers a myriad of styles, all tried together with Bestrack’s slick groove. The title track is definitely a highlight, bringing together Bestrack’s cinematic SynthWave side with a driving Italo feel and heaps of Disco swing. Summing up the album with it’s huge vintage chords and twisted vocal samples, Workout 2000 is a great ambassador for the whole release. This album would come highly recommended if it cost money, at this price it’s essential.

Bestrack – In Your Eyes

Bestrack – Workout 2000

Bestrack – Don’t Quit

You can download the whole of Bestrack’s Workout 2000 here.

Buy Bestrack’s music from:


[MP3] Bestrack reMixes M.I.A.



This is pretty epic. reMixes of M.I.A. tend to miss the mark a lot, but when they are done right they really work. This one works better than most. It’s the new one from French synth Disco producer Bestrack, who’s turned his attention to M.I.A.’s Bad Girls single of last year for this majestic unofficial reMix.

Bestrack goes big, and cinematic, with this take on the tune. Build on a core of shuffling beats and growling synth bass, the track heaps on layer after layer of resounding science fiction chords and pads. rising and rising throughout the song, flowing with M.I.A.’s vocals, the keys elevate the reMix to almost euphonic highs as frantic strings support the swelling. Never distracting from the compelling beat, this ceremonious take on a grimy song is certainly different. Give it a chance, you’ll love it.

M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Bestrack reMix)

Also, M.I.A. reMixes make us feel like it’s 2007 again.

Buy M.I.A.’s music from:


Beastrack reMixes Captain Funk

French Disco-House producer of the moment Bestrack dropped a new reMix this week. Japanese reMix king Captain Funk’s ‘Peice Of You’ gets a massive French Touch going over at Bestrack’s multi-instrumentalist hands.

With big riffs, big beats and big funk this reMix is a proper Filter-House/ElectroPop head-on collision. It may be Sunday evening but this is powerful, uplifting stuff that will make you feel like the weekend’ll go on forever.

Captain Funk – Piece Of You (Bestrack reMix)

‘Peice Of You’ is out soon

Captain Funk @ Beatport

Captain Funk @ Juno

Captain Funk @ 7Digital

Captain Funk @ Amazon

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Russ Chimes; The Midnight Club is finally here!

The wait is finally over! This week Russ Chimes’ ‘Midnight Club’ EP was finally released and it’s so good to have these tracks, we’ve played to death already, in glorious high quality!

Easily on of the best Nu-disco releases of the year (made all the better by a trilogy of amazingly crafted mini movies)  we were exited to see that the release was joined by a reMix EP as well! While we are all totally in love with the original EP track, which seem to tell a story all of their own, without the videos, as Mr. Chimes proves he is one of the most innovative and constantly perfectionist producers working in this genre, the EP provided some pleasant surprizes including this reMix of ‘Targa’ (the whole reMix EP is of ‘Targa’) by Bestrack who actually keeps a lot of the original intact but covers the song in massive synth chords and a band new big ol’ bassline.

Russ Chimes – Targa (Bestrack reMix)

The ‘Midnight Club’ EP and is reMix sister are out now. Both are highly recommended!

Russ Chimes @ Beatport

Russ Chimes @ Amazon

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Cassette Club 4 Me


Some interesting facts:

1) Cassette Club’s new single on Eye Industries, ‘4 me’, is pretty awesome. 2) The reMix package is even awesomer. 3) The fact that Eye Industries is allowing us to share four storming reMixes with you is the awesomest!

You can check out the original on SoundCloud, it’s a smooth and soulful Nu-Disco affair with a late night vibe and the reMixes just knock it out of the park! I gotta’ begin with a shout out to our friend Beaumont, not only is it great to see so many of his reMixes getting official releases these days but the man keeps getting better and better. This reMix, I reckon, is my favourite of his tracks to days. It’s a sweet Dreamwave track that is easily equal to, or better than, most of the Valerie crew’s output. Bestrack keep the Nu-Disco groove going but deliver a slightly harder vibe while Quinten 909 & Livian go crazy with the deep funky House thang. Algeronics wrap up the single with a Wonky bass Fidget tune thick with rave synths. A truly impressive line up of reMixes!

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Beaumont reMix)

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Bestrack reMix)

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Quinten 909 & Livian reMix)

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Algeronics reMix)

‘4 Me’ is released today! Go check it out:

Cassette Club @ Beatport

Cassette Club @ Juno

Cassette Club @ 7Digital

Cassette Club @ Amazon



Underhall are a brand new production duo from the south of France.

Comprised of Lucas and Roger, Underhall cite amongst their influences Electro, early House music and the video game 8-bit sounds.

On The Fruit Records have picked the guys up and are releasing their début EP ,‘Digithall’, which features reMixes from the likes of Freak You, Bestrack  and StereoHeroes and these three we can preview for you here. Bestrack bring a brilliant, absolutely huge Electro-House mix to the table, loaded with chainsaw synths. Freak You’s version is more epic sounding and Stereoheroes is a low down dirty Electro banger.

All three reMixes are top stuff!

Underhall – Digithall (Bestrack reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Underhall – Digithall (Freak You reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Underhall – Digithall (StereoHeroes reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The ‘Digithall’ EP is out now!

Underhall @ Beatport

Underhall @ 7Digital

Underhall @ Amazon