[MP3] Bestrack reMixes M.I.A.



This is pretty epic. reMixes of M.I.A. tend to miss the mark a lot, but when they are done right they really work. This one works better than most. It’s the new one from French synth Disco producer Bestrack, who’s turned his attention to M.I.A.’s Bad Girls single of last year for this majestic unofficial reMix.

Bestrack goes big, and cinematic, with this take on the tune. Build on a core of shuffling beats and growling synth bass, the track heaps on layer after layer of resounding science fiction chords and pads. rising and rising throughout the song, flowing with M.I.A.’s vocals, the keys elevate the reMix to almost euphonic highs as frantic strings support the swelling. Never distracting from the compelling beat, this ceremonious take on a grimy song is certainly different. Give it a chance, you’ll love it.

M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Bestrack reMix)

Also, M.I.A. reMixes make us feel like it’s 2007 again.

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