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Yay! There’s a new song from Avec Sans! The glorious London duo are back with their third, or fourth single (it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a single these days, but we’re gonna’ go ahead and count Heartbreak Hi, The Answer and Hold On as singles, so fourth then…) of lush ElectroPop goodness. Shiver was released this week as a free download, you you’d better get involved.

Probably Avec Sans’ most polished Pop tune to date, Shiver will appeal to both hardcore Avec Sans fans and new listeners alike. Catchy, but in an intelligent way, the tune is a cavalcade of buzzing synths and dance beats. Ms. Fox’s vocals sound more epic than ever, set to a sweeping, driving, slice of ElectroPop gold.  I’m sure with Avec Sans gaining more attention, and the use of vocal samples in a rhythmic way in Shiver, that some reviewers will tediously compere them to Chvrches, we’re calling that out right now as just lazy critiquing. The two are wildly different bands, albeit ones that will probably appeal to the same audience, Avec Sans’ sound is much more rooted in the history of SynthPop than Chvrches, loaded with big, Depeche Mode style choruses. We literally cannot wait for a full length release form these two.

Avec Sans – Shiver

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[Video] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’ reMix


Avec Sans   Hold On  Avec Sans Remix  Remix Video   YouTube

Here is the video for the reMix of the track Hold On by London ElectroPoppers Avec Sans, by Avec Sans themselves. We’ve already written about the track, the video and the reMix, there’s not much left to do but sit back and enjoy.

It’s a re-cut of the original version’s video, which makes sense in a way. Sing J Lee still at the visual helm.

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

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[MP3] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’ reMix



London based ElectroPop bright stars Avec Sans current single Hold On is continuing to get a fair amount of play round these parts. Now the single is out, the duo are throwing their own reMix of the track into the freebie ring so if you haven’t picked up the release yet you can grab a taste of what you’re missing.

Avec Sans obviously had a lot of fun reworking their own track, outside of the confines of typical Pop song structure they’re free to play around with rhythms, sounds and samples in a way that has you imagining them cracking their knuckles before diving into their own pallet of sound. If you know the original track (which you should by now!), you can expect to hear it chopped up and stuck back together with sticky tape from the London club scene. A little experimental, but still keeping the groove going.

Avec Sans – Hold On (Avec Sans reMix)

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

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[Video] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’


Avec Sans   Hold On   YouTube

Earlier last week we introduced you to the new single, Hold On, from one of our favourite acts at the moment, London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans. A big, proper, rush of a Pop song.

Here’s the video that was released the same day, but we didn’t get round to posting it because last week was hell. Directed by Sing J Lee the clip is a nice mixture of stark colours and geometric shapes, showing the band performing, but retaining a little of their mystery.

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

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[MP3] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’


Avec Sans

Secretly bubbling away in the background, London’s Avec Sans are our next big ElectroPop hope. We’ve been following them with great interest over the past year and really feel that it;s time for them to hit the big time. Perhaps their new single, Hold On, not our 24 hours and already gaining critical acclaim, will be the track to do it.

Rubbing a little ChipTune vibe into their mixture, Avec Sans in equal measures grime up and smooth out their sound. The bitcrushed sounds add a little roughness to their Icy ElectroPop while the song itself, belted out in a passionate performance from Alice, is the cleanest Pop tune the duo have released to date. This combination of gritty electronics and shiny Pop is what’s going to make keeping an eye, or ear, on Avec Sans so exciting. Hold On delivers compelling beats, a swirl of biting synths and a chorus that’ll stick in your head all day. What more could you want?

Avec Sans – Hold On

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

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[MP3] Avec Sans reMixes Curxes



Now this is pretty interesting and exciting. Two of our current favourite, but wildly different, British ElectroPop acts doing the togetherness thing. On the one hand their Curxes, post-Industrial avant-garde ElectroPopsters of the highest talent factor, on the other hand sweeping, dancefloor friendly ElectroPop wave-makers Avec Sans, who’s infectious, accessible synthetic Pop tunes have make them one of our best finds of the past couple of years. Here’s Avec Sans reMixing Curxes’ current single, Further Still.

We get the feeling that Avec Sans revelled in the chance do do something slightly, for them, outside of the box as the take Roberta’s haunting vocals and weave a tapestry of atmospheric synths and pulsating, bright basslines to compliment clicky and militaristic beats. Proving that Avec Sans can deliver enigmatic, left-field ElectroPop with the best of them, this, almost Scandinavian, track really is the best of both worlds.

Curxes – Further Still (Avec Sans reMix)

Curxes’ Further Still is out now.

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[MP3] Avec Sans reMix Swiss Lips


Swiss Lips

Manchester’s Swiss Lips might be pretty irritating, but they sure can write a catchy chorus, and more to the point, sure can pick some amazing reMixers. Next up to tackle their single U Got The Power is the so-far flawless London based ElectroPop duo Avec Sans. Avec and Sans are two words we just can’t resist, and for good reason.

Avec Sans really do make the track their own, giving the track the same kind of shimmer that their two original releases have, with a hint of Chvrches’ Lies in there too (which is unsurprising seeing as Avec Sans and Chvrches are the new sound of British ElectroPop, there’s bound to be some crossover in there somewhere). Applied to Swiss Lips tune, Avec Sans rushes of synthetic emotion and punchy basslines become the tracks centrepiece, merely accompanied by the vocals. We do love Avec Sans sound around these parts.

♫ Swiss Lips – U Got The Power (Avec Sans reMix)

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Avec Sans’ follow up single

Avec Sans

Enigmatic London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans are back with a new tune. We’ve been eager for more since they dropped their first original tune, Heartbreak Hi, we’ve had our fingers crossed for these guys that it wasn’t a one-off, or a fluke. Those fears have just been assuaged.

The Answer is Avec Sans new tune, and with it came a press release that finally gives us in insight into who these two are. Alice Fox and Jack St James. A Trinidadian international man of mystery and a Mancunian ex-badass, both of whom have done the rounds, and paid their dues, in various bands and musical projects, make up Avec Sans and the background in gigging bands shines though in The Answer. If you said to me that this was a track created by a guy who has experimented with many different forms of electronic music and a vocalist who cut her teeth on the Indie band circuit, I would say that’s exactly what it is. Intricately crafted dance music with a passionate, live, vocal. It’s an anthemic slice of ElectroPop with a real rush of energy for the chorus. The single is flipped with a reMix from Bill Posters and Will Power, why more and more electronic artists feel the need to get uninspired lowest-common-denominator dance music reMixes done I’ll never understand. the reMix is good at what it does, I suppose, but what it does is a bit blah and by-the-numbers. Skipping to the end; Heartbreak Hi definitely wasn’t a fluke, and Avec Sans are definitely amazing..

Avec Sans – The Answer

Avec Sans – The Answer (Bill & Will reMix)

You can download the tracks now on Facebook and The Answer will get a proper release 10th December.

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Avec Sans

Avec Sans

Got the heads up about this over on Breaking More Waves, on of the UKs best, and most passionate, music blogs. Robin at BMW predicts that London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans will soon have the music blogosphere’s tongues wagging, and he could very well be right. So let’s start the ball rolling.

Avec Sans are Alice Fox and Jack St James who, after a seriously classy cover of Bon Iver’s Perth, have dropped this début tune, the amazingly titled Heartbreak Hi. Amazingly titled ‘cos not only is it a reference to casually greeting heartbreak, but also sounds like an awesome Australian teen drama from the early ‘90’s. Now that’s wordplay! The track itself is glorious, rousing slice of razor sharp ElectroPop. With a very slight Industrial quality to it, that is tempered by Alice Fox’s impassioned vocals. It’s rare for a new ElectroPop act to come along and sound so polished and mature from the get-go. Avec Sans are going to do big things, mark my words.

Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi

Avec Sans – Perth (Bon Iver Cover)

[Via Breaking More Waves]

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