[MP3] Curxes’ ‘Further Still’



Brighton ElectroPop duo Curxes are spreading their wings even further with their new single, Further Still. Delivering something a little more ethereal this time, an antithesis to their last releases, the relentless Industrial pounding of Haunted Gold and the Post-Punk anthem Spectre. Further Still is a track that demands repeated listening, it’s a track to soak up.

Driven by Roberta’s haunting vocal, Further Still is a slow builder. Taking it’s time to make sure you have fully absorbed each passage before giving you something new. I can’t help but be reminded of Tori Amos in parts of Further Still (good Tori Amos that is, not I-can’t-be-bothered-anymore Tori Amos, when she still wrote interesting, challenging songs), Roberta doesn’t sound like her, but there is a certain inflection in her voice that takes a similar tone. Add to this some majestic, dramatic electronic music, juxtapositioning dreamlike chimes with grinding machine bass and you’ve got a tune that feels like being taken on a journey. The single is out now, with reMixes to follow, including one from the awesome Avec Sans.

Curxes – Further Still

Curxes’ Further Still is out now, for free, with the reMixes incoming.

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