[MP3] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’


Avec Sans

Secretly bubbling away in the background, London’s Avec Sans are our next big ElectroPop hope. We’ve been following them with great interest over the past year and really feel that it;s time for them to hit the big time. Perhaps their new single, Hold On, not our 24 hours and already gaining critical acclaim, will be the track to do it.

Rubbing a little ChipTune vibe into their mixture, Avec Sans in equal measures grime up and smooth out their sound. The bitcrushed sounds add a little roughness to their Icy ElectroPop while the song itself, belted out in a passionate performance from Alice, is the cleanest Pop tune the duo have released to date. This combination of gritty electronics and shiny Pop is what’s going to make keeping an eye, or ear, on Avec Sans so exciting. Hold On delivers compelling beats, a swirl of biting synths and a chorus that’ll stick in your head all day. What more could you want?

Avec Sans – Hold On

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

Buy Avec Sans’ music from:


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