[MP3] Avec Sans’ ‘Hold On’ reMix



London based ElectroPop bright stars Avec Sans current single Hold On is continuing to get a fair amount of play round these parts. Now the single is out, the duo are throwing their own reMix of the track into the freebie ring so if you haven’t picked up the release yet you can grab a taste of what you’re missing.

Avec Sans obviously had a lot of fun reworking their own track, outside of the confines of typical Pop song structure they’re free to play around with rhythms, sounds and samples in a way that has you imagining them cracking their knuckles before diving into their own pallet of sound. If you know the original track (which you should by now!), you can expect to hear it chopped up and stuck back together with sticky tape from the London club scene. A little experimental, but still keeping the groove going.

Avec Sans – Hold On (Avec Sans reMix)

Avec Sans’ Hold On is our now featuring reMixes from Avec Sans and VS//YOUTHCLUB.

Buy Avec Sans’ music from:

Buy Avec Sans’ music from:

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