[Download] Avec Sans’ ‘Shiver’



Yay! There’s a new song from Avec Sans! The glorious London duo are back with their third, or fourth single (it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a single these days, but we’re gonna’ go ahead and count Heartbreak Hi, The Answer and Hold On as singles, so fourth then…) of lush ElectroPop goodness. Shiver was released this week as a free download, you you’d better get involved.

Probably Avec Sans’ most polished Pop tune to date, Shiver will appeal to both hardcore Avec Sans fans and new listeners alike. Catchy, but in an intelligent way, the tune is a cavalcade of buzzing synths and dance beats. Ms. Fox’s vocals sound more epic than ever, set to a sweeping, driving, slice of ElectroPop gold.  I’m sure with Avec Sans gaining more attention, and the use of vocal samples in a rhythmic way in Shiver, that some reviewers will tediously compere them to Chvrches, we’re calling that out right now as just lazy critiquing. The two are wildly different bands, albeit ones that will probably appeal to the same audience, Avec Sans’ sound is much more rooted in the history of SynthPop than Chvrches, loaded with big, Depeche Mode style choruses. We literally cannot wait for a full length release form these two.

Avec Sans – Shiver

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