[MP3] Avec Sans reMixes Curxes



Now this is pretty interesting and exciting. Two of our current favourite, but wildly different, British ElectroPop acts doing the togetherness thing. On the one hand their Curxes, post-Industrial avant-garde ElectroPopsters of the highest talent factor, on the other hand sweeping, dancefloor friendly ElectroPop wave-makers Avec Sans, who’s infectious, accessible synthetic Pop tunes have make them one of our best finds of the past couple of years. Here’s Avec Sans reMixing Curxes’ current single, Further Still.

We get the feeling that Avec Sans revelled in the chance do do something slightly, for them, outside of the box as the take Roberta’s haunting vocals and weave a tapestry of atmospheric synths and pulsating, bright basslines to compliment clicky and militaristic beats. Proving that Avec Sans can deliver enigmatic, left-field ElectroPop with the best of them, this, almost Scandinavian, track really is the best of both worlds.

Curxes – Further Still (Avec Sans reMix)

Curxes’ Further Still is out now.

Buy Curxes’ music from:


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