Avec Sans

Avec Sans

Got the heads up about this over on Breaking More Waves, on of the UKs best, and most passionate, music blogs. Robin at BMW predicts that London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans will soon have the music blogosphere’s tongues wagging, and he could very well be right. So let’s start the ball rolling.

Avec Sans are Alice Fox and Jack St James who, after a seriously classy cover of Bon Iver’s Perth, have dropped this début tune, the amazingly titled Heartbreak Hi. Amazingly titled ‘cos not only is it a reference to casually greeting heartbreak, but also sounds like an awesome Australian teen drama from the early ‘90’s. Now that’s wordplay! The track itself is glorious, rousing slice of razor sharp ElectroPop. With a very slight Industrial quality to it, that is tempered by Alice Fox’s impassioned vocals. It’s rare for a new ElectroPop act to come along and sound so polished and mature from the get-go. Avec Sans are going to do big things, mark my words.

Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi

Avec Sans – Perth (Bon Iver Cover)

[Via Breaking More Waves]

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