[Audio] Anoraak’s ‘Odds Are Good’



Not only is there a new tune in the offing from French Dreamwave legends Anoraak, but it’s released by Eskimo Recordings. That seems like a match made in heaven. Old School members of the Valerie crew, Anoraak have pride of place on Eskimo’s new addition to their colour coded compilation series, The Orange Collection. Hopefully this means there more new material from Anoraak on the horizon. Check out Odds Are Good.

Anoraak main-man Frédéric Rivière oozes his way through the track with a smokey grace. Haunting vocals and easy nostalgic synths trickle over four minutes of dreamy SynthPop. When the growling, moody bass meets the pin-prick arpeggios, hazy magic happens. This is the kind of classic Anoraak tune that you can just sink into. Let the music envelop you.

♫ Anoraak – Odds Are Good

Eskimo Recording’s The Orange Collection is out this week,

Buy Anoraak’s music from:

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