[MP3] Anoraak reMixes Valente’s ‘The Distant Lights’



French producer and Dreamwave OG Anoraak hasn’t graced our ears since March, and even then tends to keep a low profile, but he’s piped up this week with this lovely reMix of LA based Folk singer Valente’s The Distant Lights. Taken from his recently released album, Music For Rooftops, the track was a haunting ode to the city that Anoraak turns into an involving urban hymn.

A heady mix of swirling synths, buzzing tones and walled-in chimes, this reMix perfectly captures the mood of it;s subject song. Not fast enough for dancefloor dominance, Anoraak inject the track with a solid groove nonetheless, wrapping the listener in a blanket of emotionally resonant electronics that conjures up imagery of the track’s metropolis muse. This kind of urban SynthWave is exactly what Anoraak does best, and he really shows off his talents on this one.

Valente – The Distant Lights

Check out more from Valente on SoundCloud.

Buy Valente’s music from:


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