Anoraak reMixed by Les Loups


Yesterday we unveiled a brand new track from French Valerie staple Anoraak, Made-Up. Well the band have already dropped a reMix of the track, just a day later. Leading us to believe this isn’t just to promote their US tour with College and Electric Youth. and a new single is in the works.

The reMix comes from German Nu-Disco outfit Les Loups, who take the summery Indie-Electro of Made-Up and drag it kicking and screaming straight to the dancefloor. I say kicking and screaming because amongst the squelchy synths, lush pads and shuffling Electro beats the song still holds on to it’s Indie guitars will all it’s might. The result being the best of both worlds. There something about this Indie-Dance track that makes us nostalgic for 2007.

Anoraak – Made-Up (Les Loups Mix)

Anoraak are about to embark on a Us tour with College and Electric Youth, get ‘The Drive Tour’ tourdates here.

Buy Anoraak’s music from:

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