[MP3] Anoraak reMixes Trésors



French Dreamwave pioneer Anoraak never fail to impress and excite with their releases, with are too few and far between, as they do with this latest offering. It’s a reMix of fellow Frenchmen, SynthPop outfit Trésors, who released their début album last November on Modular. Vocally, it’s the perfect song for Anoraak to reMix, sitting with his dreamy synths like it was always supposed to be there.

Eschewing the original brooding dark synth vibe for a more optimistic, nostalgic take on the song, Anoraak brings out his best bright sounds and a thumping Disco beat. Taking you back to the heyday of Dreamwave, all those many three-or-four years ago, this reMix captures all the best Italo influenced elements of the genre. The driving arpeggiated bassline, the warm-glow keys, the track slowly building toward a dancefloor frenzy finale, this ones got everything. Anoraak’s mix features alongside Holy Strays, Bestial Mouths, Steve Moore, Blackmail on the official single package out in April.

Trésors – Pleine Lune (Anoraak reMix)

♫ Trésors – Pleine Lune

Trésors’ Pleine Lune is released 1st April on Modular

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Trésors reMix Arnaud Rebotini

Arnaud Rebotini

Starting proceedings with a deep House flavour Trésors reMix of Arnaud Rebotini’s ‘Another Time, Another Place’ soon turns into an House/ElectroPop epic.

The French duo’s reMix for Rebotini’s forthcoming EP is at one intricate and deeply electronic and euphorically uplifting. Layers of synthesizers intertwine through meticulous production but it’s those lead synths and vocoders that will send you soaring.

Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (Trésors Rmx)

The ‘Another Time, Another Place’ EP is out 7th November.

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