[Audio] Bronson’s ‘Diamonds’



Straight outta’ Athens, Greece comes Bronson, a new duo made up of Poka and Etal, who you may remember proving one of the many reMixes of Kris Menace’s We Are a while back. The twosome have had their début release snapped up by Belgium’s Smile Recordings and released this week. Their premiere release, Diamonds, holds an extended original and three reMixes, each with a distinct House flavour. Time to dig deeper.

Diamonds oozes smoothness. Undulating and enigmatic, it rolls on a Deep House bassline and timeless piano hook. Eschewing melody in favour of a hypnotic vocal hook and bass reliant groove, Bronson create something with both Housey and Dubby vibes. Which is exactly what you want at 3am in a warehouse somewhere. This ones purely for the dancefloor. Alongside reMixes from Rick Shiver and Supreems sit’s a beast of a reMix from A.N.D.Y.. A.N.D.Y.‘s House Re-Work lives up to it’s moniker as he takes the track to new places, twisting and turning it around a solid House beat. Elevating the piano hook to proper melodic places and complimenting it with a rich string section A.N.D.Y. creates a little slice of dancefloor euphoria. Definitely a reMix package for late nights, four tracks of moody, intoxicating House.

♫ Bronson – Diamonds (Extended)

♫ Bronson – Diamonds (A.N.D.Y. House Re-Work)

Bronson’s Diamonds is out now.

Buy Bronson’s music from:


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