[Audio] Voltron & A.N.D.Y.


Taking their cues from the current wave of House and Electronic influenced R&B (or is that R&B influenced House and Electronic?) currently driving London crazy, and also from giant combining mecha lions, comes Belgian duo Voltron. This week they release their new single, Let Go, via Smile Recordings.

Sounding a bit like what would happen if AlunaGeorge spent a little too long in a Belgian EBM clubs, Let Go has got an underlying New Beat vibe but it’s mostly sumptuous, complex, rolling electronic Soul. Full of shifting rhythms, cut-up vocals and haunting electronic tones, oh, and a sudden distorted 909 kick. This is all wrapped up in a moody Pop sheen and in catchy vocal. Fellow Belgian A.N.D.Y. plays up the Housier elements for his sole reMix. Twisting the vocals into deep, involving Chicago warehouse jam.

♫ Voltron – Let Go (Extended)

♫ Voltron – Let Go (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Voltron’s Let Go is out now.

Buy Voltron’s music from:


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