[Download] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Whitney’



Belgian Housemeister A.N.D.Y.’s unveiled a new tune this week. After producing a sting of huge floorfillers that had a slightly enigmatic edge, A.N.D.Y. has gone for the full on good-times angle with Whitney, which is probably obvious from the title. Adding a little of the ol’ Tropical into his subby House vibe, A.N.D.Y. delivers something a bit 90s retro, a bit summer party and a bit smile on your face.

So this one’s all about he storming House beats and plinky plonky Island purcussion-y lead. Whitney’s Whitney vocal snatches serve to punctuate sections of stabbing warehouse leads and beach party hooks as the track rises and rolls to a typically A.N.D.Y sub bass. The track’s a free download, so grad it while it’s hot and spend your afternoon in a Tropical paradise. We can’t wait for A.N.D.Y.’s next single.

A.N.D.Y. – Whitney

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