[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Chemicals’



Yay! There’s finally a longer version of Belgian Housemeiser A.N.D.Y.’s new single on the ‘cloud. As you know we don’t use these minute–and-a-half snippets on electronic rumors, we don;t thin they have much value for our readers, so we’ve been gagging to post about this one since the tiny tiny clips went up last month. It’s called Chemicals and it features the vocal stylings of Vanya Taylor from All About She. Check it out.

Lush and warm House is what you’re treated to with Chemicals. Drawing from smooth 90s influences, A.N.D.Y. serves up a smokey slick of late-night dancefloor gold that melds Taylors well-rounded R&B vocals with enveloping organ stabs and pulsating bass. Things get interestingly key changey and a bit ravey in the bridge, which makes for an unexpected change of mood before the track resumes it’s slinky groove.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Vanya Taylor) – Chemical

A.N.D.Y.’s Chemicals is out now.

Buy A.N.D.Y.’s music from:

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