[Download] Du Tonc reMix Pixies ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’



After premièring it on their recent Music To Show Aliens When They Land On Earth mixtape, Du Tonc (the globe trotting team-up of Matt Van Schie and MiGHty mOUse) have unleashed their the surprise tune from that mix. A reMix of Pixies late 80s/early 90s Indie club staple; Monkey Gone To Heaven. As a prelude to their forthcoming new single, released later this month, this reMix is bound to keep you going for a while.

Effortlessly blending a bit of Indie nostalgia (if you like that sort of thing) with their magical Tropical Disco sound, Du Tonc strip down most of the original, keeping a few grooves and vocal snatches, but manage to hold onto Monkeys Gone To Heaven‘s feel with Matt Van Schie’s trademark Disco dream basslines and the waves of lush synths and wicked little licks we expect from these two. It’s a track the you can’t help but smile about, particularly if you’re familiar with the original. Summer goodness right here.

Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Du Tonc Rework)

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[Download] Mitch Murder covers ‘Knight Rider Theme’


Knight Rider

Mitch Murder, one of the finest SynthWave producers working today has covered Glen A. Larson and Stu Phillips iconic Knight Rider theme tune. It’s an often covered track and Mr Murder serves up one of the best ever. We honestly don’t know what else there is to say about this.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Mitch Murder – Knight Rider Theme (Glen A. Larson & Stu Phillips Cover)

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[Download] Goldroom covers Fleet Foxes’ ‘Mykonos’



Well, he’s been teasing it all week and now it’s here. The captain of the Chilled disco ship, Mr. Goldroom has unleashed his cover version of Indie outfit Fleet Foxes’ 2009 single, Mykonos. It’s Josh’s favourite tune from Fleet Foxes so not only does he perform a rare cover, but has also chose to sing on the track himself, something we’ve not heard much from since the his NightWaves days. Check it out below, it’s an absolutely free download, ‘cos Goldroom loves you.

Goldroom meshes some sweet nautical Disco vibes with a cheeky Indie vibe on this one. Driven by a pumping bassline, Josh’s cover of Mykonos threads lush pads, synthetic snares and big synth sweeps trough a tapestry of wicked little licks and a dreamy paradise atmosphere. His vocals do the track justice, and you can tell he’s having fun with the track. Top-down sunshine feels from this one.

Goldroom – Mykonos (Fleet Foxes Cover)

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[Download] Jordan F reMixes Midnight Pool Party’s ‘Stay’


Midnight Pool Party

Aussie Indie-Popsters Midnight Pool Party’s current single Stay has received a massive makeover from the undisputed reigning champ of Australian SynthWave, Mr. Jordan F. It;s been a while since we’ve had anything from this groover, but he’s delivered a right old sunshine beast with this new reMix. Check it out below.

From the offset, this one is all about warm and dreamy synths that glide with ease over a buoyant bassline. This is probably the furthest away from his SynthWave roots that Jordan has reached so far. It is, in essence, a glorious Topical Disco jam with a twist of retro in the bass and lead synth departments. Find work from Mr. F here, blending his summertime jam with the originals vocals effortlessly, and definitely one you should be cracking open when the sun comes out.

Midnight Pool Party – Stay (Jordan F reMix)

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[Download] Ben Macklin’s ‘The First’



Just in time for the (slightly) better weather; there’s a new single from Lodnon’s Tropical House guru Ben Macklin. This one is free for a limited time only, after that you’re on your own so grab it soon. The First comes in two flavours, a first flavour and a The Second flavour; check out The First flavour below and treat yourself to the whole release here.

Reeling in the tempo from some of his recent, more energetic offerings, Macklin introduces you to a smooth and laid back bouncy groove, driven by a razor sharp synth bass and solid House beat. With spacious and atmospheric vocal samples, Macklin whips up a chilled sunshine mood, onto which he layers dense keys and an echoing piano hook. This is serious top-down cruisin’ stuff…now if the weather would just hold….

Ben Macklin – The First

Ben Macklin’s The First is out now.

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[Download] Teeel reMixes The New Division’s ‘Senseless’



Not for the first time New Jersey’s hardest working synth-head Teeel is taking on the challenge of reMixing LA Indie-Electro outfit New Division. These guys have swapped reMixes a couple of time and the latest of these exchanges sees Teeel working his magic on The New Divisions’ current single, Senseless, which was released earlier this month.

Teeel’s take on Senseless is a cascading synthetic affair.  Layers upon Layers of bristling arpeggios and buzzing bass wash over each other, taking time to settle in before Teeel re-introduced the original’s anthemic vocals. Stripping out the Indie side of the track, this one is pure SynthPop, a sprawling track whose expansive synths match the cavernous vocals perfectly.

The New Division – Senseless (Teeel reMix)

The New Division’s Senseless is out now.

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[Download] Zimmer X Pallace’s ‘Saturday Love’



Parisian Horizontal Discomeister Zimmer is back with a brand new track. Saturday Love has the French producer teaming up with fellow Parisian DJ and Producer Pallace and enlisting Boston based singer Aria Lanelle for vocal duties. It’s his first tune since last summer’s Sensify Me and it sees Zimmer side-stepping his normal smooth groove and wearing his love of Piano House on his sleeve.

Saturday Love is warm as hell. Zimmer put’s his own Tropical twist on a Chicago House sound, complimenting the deep warehouse bass and hammerfall piano hooks with the ubiquitous poolside Disco vibe having island keys shoulder to shoulder with skippy 909 drums and vintage House synths. Lanelle’s playful vocals tie the track together nicely. Summertime stuff!

Zimmer X Pallace (Feat. Aria Lanelle) – Saturday Love

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[Download] DiscoSocks’ ‘Getcha”



London bass monster DiscoSocks has quietly snuck out a new tune. His first new tune since the middle of last year, this one proves he’s not been making the most of his time. Sitting on his SoundCloud page as a free download  is Getcha’. After a couple of Housier outings DiscoSocks returns to his bass slappin’ roots with a huge chunk of old school Funk for your ears. Get Involved.

Setting up a groove, liberally peppered with cowbells and dirty, growling, slap bass, that would be right at home on an old Hip Hop record (think the Wild Style soundtrack), DiscoSocks works up something infectiously nostalgic and a compelling floorfiller. Building on the rhythms as the track progresses keeps the energy levels rising, but as always the star of the show is DiscoSocks bass. Soak it in.

DiscoSocks – Getcha’

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[Download] Ride The Universe reMix Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Party Line’



Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe are back in the game with this stormingly groovy new reMix. The LA/Frankfurt trans-Atlantic coalition of the funky have been quite quiet of late but hopefully this new cut will see a return to activity. They’ve chosen to insert themselves back into your consciousness with a reMix of Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line. chosen to  We’re not exactly fans of Belle & Sebastian here, so we’re not familiar with the original, but Ride The Universe turn in a bass fuelled Disco juggernaut right here.

If you’re familiar with Ride The Universe’s powerhouse Disco sound then you know what you’re in for right here. These guys produce big, with a rich and thick production style that can often make their contemporaries seem lightweight in comparison. They bring it on this reMix in full effect. The synth bass growls and bounces it’s way through the track with an accompaniment of shrieking synths and wicked little licks. It’s utterly infectious stuff that will have any dancefloor rockin’.

Belle & Sebastian – Party Line (Ride The Universe reMix)

Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line is out now.

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[Download] Motor Mouth’s ‘Balearic Winter’


Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth, the Disco duo made up of German DJs Linntronix and DJ Friction, released a new EP this week on the excellent Silhouette Music. These guy have been working together since 2006 and the Zodiac EP marks their first release for Silhouette. It holds six tracks of Nu-Disco and Electro Funk goodness; here’s our pick of the release. The vocal version of Balearic Winter, featuring Phil on vocals.

Balearic Winter is, in contrast to it’s name, a super summery jam. Although it does have a certain chill to it so maybe that’s a thing. Phil drops some urgent vocals over a slick soundtrack of bobbing bass and squelchy synths on a track that draws the line between Indie-ElectroPop and poolside Nu-Disco. This is Disco with an air of mystery; dig in.

Motor Mouth (Feat. Phil) – Balearic Winter (Vocal Mix)

Motor Mouth’s Zodiac EP is out this week.

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