Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Tears In The Rain’


Now this is what you need to ease yourself into the week after the long bank holiday weekend (if you’re UK reader, my stats tell me a good deal of you are from the US, sorry guys, I feel your pain), the second part of Queen Of Hearts’ seemingly BladeRunner themed new single. This flipside to ‘Neon’, ‘Tears In The Rain’.

This slice of ElectroPop beauty was produced by the awesome Mr. Stefan Storm from The Sound Of Arrows. Whist retaining the majestic quality of ‘Neon’ and shot through with the Queen Of Hearts particular band of melancholy, ‘Tears In The Rain’ is a rich and gentle track that envelops you in it’s warm musical embrace. Stefan’s twisting, hypnotic synths shows that signature The Sound Of Arrows’ optimism-against-adversity that perfectly mirrors The Queens’ smokey beckoning delivery, the combination of the two elevating the listener out of the darkness. Atmospherically layering the track with a hint of storm (the weather, not the dude) is genius, giving such a laid back track a sense of urgency adds to the drama of the song, giving ‘neon and ‘Tears In The Rain’ a appearance of narrative. There’s no doubt really that Queen Of Hearts is going to be a massive Pop star, that’s a given, but we believe she will constantly surprise her audience with how deep, how un-throwaway her Pop will be, and that’s what always makes a proper, true Pop star, one that sticks around. The video for the single A-Side, ‘Neon’, is coming soon, can’t wait for that!

Queen Of Hearts – Tears In The Rain (Produced By Stefan Storm)

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ single is out 14th May. Out now is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which Queen Of Hearts features.

Buy Queen Of Hearts’ music from:

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