[Audio] Little Boots & Maya Jane Coles & James Ford, oh my!

Little Boots

So, we’re breaking tons of rules here. Our own rules that is. Fist up, we’re posting clips of tracks, which is a massive no-no for us. Generally, anything under 3m00s will go straight in our Inbox trash, regardless of who delivers it. Secondly, we’re using an ugly as hell Juno player. As a rule we’ll only use content delivery systems we can at least a little bit hack to make it fit the site’s aesthetics, the Juno widget is an ugly beast that’s you can’t even resize, which really messes with our 500px format. However, this release is a) amazing and b) only available on vinyl. If it remains only on vinyl, this might be your only chance to hear it, so rule breaking ahoy! But it’s a one off, do not expect us to make a habit of it, so on your bike with your 1m45s clips!

And what’s caused all this ruckus then? It’s a 12”, released yesterday, by LB, and once you’ve heard the vocals you’ll be pretty confident as to what LB stands for. The track, Superstitious Heart, is a collaboration between Little Boots, Maya Jane Coles and Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford. The track was written by The Boots, Maya and Ford with Maya stepping up on production duties. Deep and Techy sounds abound, as you would expect for this line up. Musically Maya’s influence seems to stand out, but we can also hear The Boots indulging her well documented love of 90s House. The shuffling beat and rounded bass are beautiful and hypnotic, while The Boots opts for a suitably intimate performance. The track is backed up with another Deep House tune. On Whatever Sets You Free, The Boots teams up with London producer Baunz to drop some ethereal warehouse vibes. The 12” is rounded off with Dub version of both tracks. If the tracks ever hit some kind of new fangled internet streaming service we’ll bring you a closer look, but, if you’ve got decks, this needs to be on them.

♫ LB – Superstitious Heart/Whatever Sets You Free (Clips courtesy of Juno)

LB’s Superstitious Heart/Whatever Sets You Free 12” is out now.

Buy LB’s music from:

3 comments on “[Audio] Little Boots & Maya Jane Coles & James Ford, oh my!

  1. i don’t have a record player nor do i live in the uk. guess i’ll have to miss out on these songs,oh well.

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