[Audio] Booka Shade & Karin Park’s ‘Line Of Fire’


Karin Park

The utterly amazing Swedish/Norwegian SynthPop chanteuse Karin Park’s latest appearance comes from an unexpected collaboration with German Techno powerhouses Booka Shade.  Maybe now so unexpected though, as Booka Shade provided a reMix for her current single, Hurricane, so perhaps this is her returning the favour. The track itself, Line Of Fire, actually appeared on Booka Shade’s 2014 EP of the same name in it’s Club Mix form; check out the Vocal Mix, with added Ms. Park.

There may be a little backlash amongst diehard Booka Shade fans against the commerciality of Line Of Fire, but they can just crawl back under their rock of 90s Techno obscurity ‘cos this is one of Booka Shade’s finest moments. Against a deep and hypnotic Tech-House backing Ms. Park serves up one of her unique and passionate performances as punchy kicks, growling bass and metallic leads deliver a mesmerising and involving club anthem.

♫ Booka Shade (Feat. Karin Park) – Line Of Fire (Extended Vocal Mix)

Booka Shade’s Line Of Fire is released 23rd March.

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[Video] Karin Park & Pandora Drive’s ‘Hurricane’


Karin Park   Pandora Drive  Hurricane    YouTube

It was only last Friday we introduced you to the new single from the amazing Karin Park and London duo Pandora Drive; Hurricane. Now check out the video below.

Directed and produced by Thomas Knights, the clip is an incredibly classy conversation with either one, two or three people present.

Karin Park & Pandora Drive’s Hurricane is out now.

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[Audio] Karin Park & Pandora Drive’s ‘Hurricane’ (+ Maya Jane Coles reMix)



One of the best things going on in Scandinavia these days, the amazing Karin Park has teamed up with London duo Pandora Drive for her new single Hurricane. Karin has been drip feeding us hint of her forthcoming new album for a while now, and while we’re not certain if this particular collaboration will appear on the full lengther, it;s more indication that we love her recent sounds. there’s a full reMix package to from Booka Shade and Karin’s buddy Maya Jane Coles.

Karin’s collaborations with MJC are obviously wearing off on her. In fact Hurricane could have quite easily been taken from Maya’s Comfort album (on which Karin appeared) but with an added Indie-Electro sparkle.. It’s a good sound for Park, the warn and mysterious experimental take on Deep House provides the perfect dark and brooking, yet unbelievably dancefloor friendly, backing for her knife sharp vocals. Maya Jane Cole’s own reMix ups the hypnotic magic groove ante considerable. The pairing of Maya’s music and Karin’s vocal is always something we really enjoy and this reMix delivers in heaps.

♫ Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane (Original Mix)

♫ Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane (Maya Jane Coles reMix)

Karin Park & Pandora Drive’s Hurricane is out now.

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[Video] Tesla Boy’s ‘Keyboards & Synths’


Tesla Boy   Keyboards   Synths   YouTube

A few weeks ago we brought you Keyboards & Synths, the current single from Russian ElectroPoppers Tesla Boy; their love letter to electronic music. Now check out the track brand new video.

Put together by Anton Sevidov, Sergey Mezentsev,Lena Tsodykovskaya, the clip is a hilarious record breaking synth attempt.

Tesla Boy’s Keyboards & Synths is out now.

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[Audio] Tesla Boy’s ‘Keyboards & Synths’


Tesla Boy

Russian kings of funk infused ElectroPop, Tesla Boy’s new single is an ode to synths. Which we guess if like some old Rock dude singing about how much he loves guitars. Frankly, we can think of few better subject matters for songs. “I’m not so cool or happy, I’m gonna’ sing about keyboards and synths” has surely got to be one of the best lyrics ever written, no?

Loaded with Tesla Boy’s trademark synth funk, Keyboards & Synths serves-up everything we look for in a new tune from these guys. That big squelchy analog bass, warbling keys, Disco beats; there even a slight Electro-Funk vibe to the bridge. Tesla Boy have always, from day one, been able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Chromeo, maybe it’s time for them to be as huge?

♫ Tesla Boy – Keyboards & Synths

Tesla Boy’s Keyboards & Synths is out now.

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[Video] Karin Park’s ‘Shine’


Karin Park  Shine    YouTube

Scandinavian ice queen Karin Park’s gorgeous new single Shine, a heady mix of deep House grooves and Sweedish ElectroPop mystery, is now out and about in video form.

Karin herself co-directs with Olle Lundin and once again the set is Karin’s converted church house.

Karin Park’s Shine is released 24th February.

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[Audio] Karin Park’s ‘Shine’


Karin Park

Late next month the amazing Karin Park releases a brand new single. Shine is the first new material from the Scandinavian ice queen since her 2012 album Highwire Poetry; not counting her awesome collaboration with Maya Jane Coles last year. This new tune sees Karin slipping into more of a Deep House vibe alongside her spikey SynthPop.

Some of Cole’s bassy dancefloor groove seems to have rubbed off on Ms. Park, Shine is an hypnotic, undulating, bass heavy juggernaut whos dark, heavy synths oozes out of the speakers, cut through with razor sharp leads. Karin’s unusual mix of soft and abrasive in her vocals works better here than ever, complementing perfectly the comforting, yet unsettling, electronic soundtrack. If there’s a new album on the horizon we are very excited.

♫ Karin Park – Shine (Radio Edit)

Karin Park’s Shine is released 24th February.

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[Video] Maya Jane Coles & Kim Ann Foxman’s ‘Burning Bright’


Maya Jane Coles   Burning Bright Ft Kim Ann Foxman   YouTube

Deep and emotional House genius Maya Jane Coles’ enigmatic House epic, Comfort, is easily one of our albums of the year, with Burning Bright, featuring Hercules And Love Affair’s Kim Ann Foxman, one of it’s highlights.

Here’s the video for the track, directed by Thomas Knights, which sees Foxman getting all ritualistic with a recently deceased Coles.

Maya Jane Coles’ album, Comfort, is out now.

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[Video] Maya Jane Coles & Karin Park


Maya Jane Coles Feat. Karin Park    Everything   Official Video    YouTube

Yesterday we dropped Maya Jane Coles and Karin Park’s awesome new single, Everything, on you. Today we have the video!

Thomas Knights directs the video, the second awesome taxidermy themed video this month, has a really nice (or not so nice) ending.

Maya Jane Coles’  Everything is out now.

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[Audio] Maya Jane Coles & Karin Park


Maya Jane Coles

Well this is the kind of thing that will get out interest! Our favourite purveyor of deep, mysterious, funky sounds Maya Jane Coles teaming up with top Swedish InustroElectroPop star Karin Park. Two artist we really dig, getting together? Always cause of excitement. This tune, Everything, is the second track from Maya’s forthcoming début artist album, Comfort.

Everything launches itself with shuffling percussion and growling bass tones, building the enigmatic mood as Karin’s slightly abrasive lament rings out. The track takes it’s time to accustom you to it’s mood, before gradually evolving, layering new sound and new percussion, until it busts in almost euphoric style. Both Maya and Karin are masters of creating atmosphere in their respective genres, so it’s no surprise that Everything is loaded with drama and emotion, all the while pinned down my that funky-as-hell, deep deep Maya Jane Coles House groove.

♫ Maya Jane Coles (Feat. Karin Park) – Everything

Maya Jane Coles’  Everything is out now.

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