[Audio] Techniques reMixes Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’


Michael Jackson

Have you checked out the new single from Manchester’s electronic adventurer Techniques yet? Don’t You Want To Love’s enigmatic, dark, grooves caused a bit of a stir when recently released and the Manc producer is already working on the eagerly awaited follow up. In the meantime check out this epic reMix of Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit, Smooth Criminal.

Kicking things off in low key and moody fashion, Techniques introduces us to a low-slung bassline and stuttering Techno beats to pair with Jackson’s vocals, here turned into some kind of hypnotic mantra. A cinematic journey through the world of Tech and Deep House, this reMix retains the drama of the original song, but drags it onto some futuristic Sci-Fi dancefloor where Jacko is fighting off an android invasion. Mesmerising stuff.

♫ Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Techniques reMix)

Techniques’ Don’t You Want To Love is out now.

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[Mixtape] Techniques’ ‘Mixtape Sept 14’



Techniques – Mixtape Sept 14 = In the lead up to their new EP release, Sometime Kitsuné artists, Preston ElectroPoppers Techniques had dropped this storming mixtape, loaded with deep, synthetic sounds.

♫ Techniques – Mixtape Sept 14

The tracklist:
01. Techniques Vs. Lake People – I’ve Got The Time & Night Drive
02. Kim Ann Foxman – Be Mine (Techniques reMix)
03. El Mundo – Summer Like Winter
04. Jad & The Ladyboy – Only 1
05. Lee Curtiss – Drinks Tickets
06. Youandewan – Alright Son
07. Spleen United – Suburbia (The Juan MacLean reMix)
08. Techniques – 101010

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[Video] Techniques’ ‘Switch’



We first featured Preston ElectroPoppers Techniques Switch last August and have been awaiting it’s release ever since. It’s out next month via Kitsuné, who we can’t help but feel that along with a lot of their recent releases have dropped the ball on this one, both from a scheduling and promotional point of view. Remember when a Kitsuné release meant something? Now they just seem to let releases slip out unannounced. Ah well, at least it is coming out, definitely long overdue, it’s an excellent tune.

Here’s the video, directed by Tilly Shiner & Becan Rickard-Elliott, simple, monochrome, but quite effective.

Techniques’ Switch is released 2nd December.

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Techniques is a new project hailing from Preston, in the UK, and rising from the ashes of acclaimed Indie band The KBC. With one foot in Manchester Indie and the other in Dance music Techniques is an infinitely more SynthPop based outfit than it’s jangly guitared predecessor, and that’s something we’re thankful for as Techniques could well be the next big thing.

The years of Indie song-writing experience have not gone to waste, as evidenced in the two tracks they have out right now, Switch and Heinous Love. Both tracks work that kind of raw emotionality, and slightly cinematic delivery, that so often comes from Northern Indie and combines that with some infectious electronic hooks. Switch is a slowly building ElectroPop crowd pleaser that gets under your skin even before the big riff kicks in. The rolling bass and vocal mantra hypnotising before the track lifts you right up with it’s big anthemic chorus. Stick around for the piano fuelled finale, it’s frantic euphoria. It’s partner in crime, Heinous Love, is a deeper, but no less catchy, affair. An 11 minute epic with more sweeping sing-a-long chorus that rides the House beat, Indie Bass and burbling synths. Around the five minute mark the track descends into one of the biggest drops and build we’ve heard in a while before launching into it’s uplifting synth wig-out climax. We expect to be hearing a lot more from Techniques in the coming months, definitely one to watch.

♫ Techniques – Switch

♫ Techniques – Heinous Love

Check out more from Techniques on SoundCloud.