[Audio] Strange Talk’s new single

Strange Talk

Here is the forthcoming new single from Australia’s reining Indie-ElectroPop outfit Strange Talk. Amongst certain circles they took the end of the summer by storm with their Cast Away single (as they did the summer before with Climbing Walls). It;s hard to imagine Strange Talk releasing a song for the winter months, but let’s see what they’ve come up with.

Falling In Love is pretty typical Strange Talk fare on the surface. Big dancefloor beats, anthemic vocals, and upbeat Indie vibe, but this is probably the most commercial, and commercially dancy, track they’ve done to date. And all that rests on big piercing rave synths. Which leaves us feeling a little two-minded about the tune. One the one hand it’s an amazing song track, just as you’d expect from, brilliant ElectroPop, then on the other had you have big 90s Trance synths, which always strike us as really musically lazy. The Pop producer’s first resort to make  a tune sound a bit ravey. Sounds like a Stargate production, and that’s not a good thing. Still, there’s a class tune underneath all that, hands-in-the-air brilliance (that’s why we’re posting it) and hopefully this is Strange Talks last experiment with Trance leads, we know they are better than that.

♫ Strange Talk – Falling In Love

Falling In Love is out early 2013.

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