[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone’


A Very Decent Christmas

We do love synthy X-mas songs around these parts (as we’re sure you’ll become aware in the coming weeks). One of our first of the year comes from Swedish SynthWave mastermind Mitch Murder. Following on from his The Touch release on Mad Decent sub-label Jeffree’s earlier this year, Mitch has contributed to the Mad Decent/Jeffree’s X-mas compilation, A Very Decent Christmas. Check out Mitch teaming up with Santell for Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone.

Mr. Murder goes 80s R&B for this X-mas ballad. A proper festive Pop song, Mitch calls to mind holidays of the past on MTV. It’s a departure for Mitch, there’s less of the vintage synth music that we are used to hearing from him, although there is a hint of retro synth roots, the song is a proper R&B serenade. Still, it’s loaded with Murder’s warn, vintage synth sounds though, and that rubber band bass and chimes that we love him for. More X-mas music to come!

♫ Mitch Murder (Feat. Santell) – Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone

A Very Decent Christmas is out now.

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Snow Crash’


mitch murder

So, every-time Sweedish SynthWave king Mitch Murder drops a new track (which is increasingly more frequent these days) we say to ourselves ‘we don’t have to write about it, we don’t have to post everything the man releases’, and then we listen to it. The same thing happened today, we thought, ‘we don’t have to post the new Mitch Murder track’, and then gave Snow Crash a listen, and then had no choice. Mitch is just head and shoulders above his contemporaries, musically, each piece from him is a work of genius. So enjoy another one.

Named after Neal Stephenson’s classic1992 Cyberpunk novel, the track also delivers a narrative. Starting of with a selection of mellow, evocative chords that weave Mitch’s soundtrack magic. Synths and sax  fade together, casting a futuristic mood over the track, before it launches into a beat heavy instrumental ElectroPop tune to capture your imagination.

♫ Mitch Murder – Snow Crash

Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ single is out now.

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[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Killer Angels’


Mitch Murder

I think Sweedish SynthWave master Mitch Murder must literally live in his studio. To say the man is prolific would be an understatement. We don’t know how he does it, but unlike almost every high volume producer we can think of, Mitch Murder has never one let the quality of his productions slip, and never once lost his king-of-80s-retro-synth-music crown. There must be a point in which just pure raw talent comes to the fore, and Mr. Murder has that in truck-loads.

His new tune, Killer Angels, sees a the return of Mitch to Vince DiCola mode. Punchy digital bass and slammin’ drums pair up with those occasional synth slaps the starshine chords to create a kind of post-BladeRunner, but a bit more fun, mood. It;s futuristic, but optimistic. Exciting, fun and more than anything else, draws you into it’s music narrative. Makes us nostalgic for a movie that doesn’t exist.

♫ Mitch Murder – Killer Angels

Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ single is out now.

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[Mixtape] Mitch Murder’s ‘Akihabara Tapes’


Mitch Murder

Mitch Murder – Akihabara Tapes = Start you week witht his classic selection from Mr. Mitch Murder. The SynthWave king puts together some of the funkiest digital bass grooves from a range of 80s genres for this fifty minutes of smooth nostalgia.

Mitch Murder – Akihabara Tapes

The tracklist:
01. Dave Grusin – Night Lines
02. Vince DiCola – Escape
03. Knight Sabers – Midnight Etolle
04. Andy Clark – The Will To Win
05. Al Jarreau – Raging Waters
06. Project Green – Talaria
07. First Light – Daybreak
08. Thierry Pastor – Sur Des Musiques Noires
09. Cosmos – Spiral Dream
10. Wang Chung – Wait
11. Scritti Politti – Hypnotize
12. Rupert Hine – The Falcon Beat

Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ is out now.

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[Audio] Pilotpriest’s ‘Drunk Dial’



It’s been a little while since we heard from Canadian soundtrack Electro master Pilotpriest, but this week he quietly let slip otu a brand new track on his SoundCloud page. Featuring fellow Torontonian YongeBlood, who’s turned-in a couple of reMixes for Pilotpriest in the past, Drunk Dial is a new endeavour for Pilotpriest, a swirling, dare we say it, Chillwavey, ElectroPop tune that demands repeated listens.

Putting his core soundtrack talents to good use, Pilotpriest keeps things epic and emotional with big orchestrated synths and layers and layers of texture while ghostly vocals float in and out of focus around the track. Powered by a solid House beat the track mixes groove with atmosphere and the end result is pretty compelling. We’re not sure if this is a new direction for Pilotpriest, or just a stretching of his musical muscles, either way, he’s done a top job here.

♫ Pilotpriest (Feat. YongeBlood) – Drunk Dial

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[Audio] New tracks from Pilotpriest


Canada’s reigning soundtrack Electro master Pilotpriest dropped a couple of new tunes on his SoundCloud this past week. He’s a busy guy these days, as Hollywood beckons, so were glad he’s still got time to sit down and produce some of the most emotional, evocative and enthralling electronic music around today.

Quest For Fire is on of Pilotpriest’s dancier tunes. Although quite mid-paced, it boasts a solid Italo beat and bassline set amidst swirling arpeggios and rousing strings. The synthetic orchestration isn’t lost in the groove though, as ever building waves of Pilotpriest’s rich tapestry of sound plays a gradually escalating narrative, full of character. Hallways, an ode to High School, again employs a pounding Electro beat to underpin a shifting soundscape of nostalgic, hypnotic, audio memories. And although my upbringing was more Grange Hill than Shermer High, I still feel I can relate, it’s just got that tone of youthful optimist melded with doubt and daily grind, to it. More excellence as Pilotpriest effortlessly conjures synthesizer moods.

♫ Pilotpriest – Quest For Fire (Instrumental)

♫ Pilotpriest – Hallways

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Chrome Canyon editing John Carpenter


Chrome Canyon, one of Brooklyn’s finest purveyors of vintage synth Boogie, has taken it upon himself to spice up your Halloween with a funky little re-edit of legendary master of horror, and synthesizer wizard John Carpenter’s theme from his 1978 slash-fest Halloween.

Carpenter is the undisputed king of horror synth. Halloween, Escape From New York, Assault On Precinct 13, all synth classics, with Halloween obviously being the most creepified. So what can you do with that instantly recognisable, flesh-crawling piano line and chords of dread? Well, Chrome Canyon musters up all his electronic trickery to drop a shuffling beat and cuts the track up into dancefloor sized chunks. Building and building a robotic tension until the big Disco synths drop for the finale and the track goes manic, or should that be maniac?

John Carpenter –  Halloween Theme (Chrome Canyon Re-Edit)

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Mitch Murder covers the Airwolf theme


Mitch Murder covers the Airwolf theme!

Seriously, Mitch Murder, one of the most talented SynthWave producers working today has covered the theme tune to Airwolf, one of the best 80’s action TV shows with one of the best TV theme of all time, what more is there to say?

Mitch Murder – Airwolf (Cover)

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Goin’ Old School: Thompson Twins, Pamala Stanley & Vangelis

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Some TOTP to start with, Thompson Twins with ‘Love On Your Side’ from 1983.

Pamala Stanley’s Italo fuelled DiscoPop from 1983,  ‎’Coming Out Of Hiding’.

OK, so it’s not a music video, but it is the first two minutes of the greatest movie ever made with the greatest soundtrack ever written. Vangelis’ ‘BladeRunner Main Titles’ from 1982 (although not properly released, not counting the New American Orchestra version, until 1994).

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Goin’ Old School: A-Ha, Duran Duran & Sheena Easton

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

A-Ha with ‘The Living Daylights’ from 1987. Oh no, there’s no theme here…

From 10985, Duran Duran’s ‘A View To A Kill’. OK, maybe there is a theme going on…

In 1981, just coming out of the ‘70’s, Sheena Easton with ‘For Your Eyes Only’. Yeah, can;t really get away from the theme now.

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