[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Killer Angels’


Mitch Murder

I think Sweedish SynthWave master Mitch Murder must literally live in his studio. To say the man is prolific would be an understatement. We don’t know how he does it, but unlike almost every high volume producer we can think of, Mitch Murder has never one let the quality of his productions slip, and never once lost his king-of-80s-retro-synth-music crown. There must be a point in which just pure raw talent comes to the fore, and Mr. Murder has that in truck-loads.

His new tune, Killer Angels, sees a the return of Mitch to Vince DiCola mode. Punchy digital bass and slammin’ drums pair up with those occasional synth slaps the starshine chords to create a kind of post-BladeRunner, but a bit more fun, mood. It;s futuristic, but optimistic. Exciting, fun and more than anything else, draws you into it’s music narrative. Makes us nostalgic for a movie that doesn’t exist.

♫ Mitch Murder – Killer Angels

Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ single is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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