[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone’


A Very Decent Christmas

We do love synthy X-mas songs around these parts (as we’re sure you’ll become aware in the coming weeks). One of our first of the year comes from Swedish SynthWave mastermind Mitch Murder. Following on from his The Touch release on Mad Decent sub-label Jeffree’s earlier this year, Mitch has contributed to the Mad Decent/Jeffree’s X-mas compilation, A Very Decent Christmas. Check out Mitch teaming up with Santell for Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone.

Mr. Murder goes 80s R&B for this X-mas ballad. A proper festive Pop song, Mitch calls to mind holidays of the past on MTV. It’s a departure for Mitch, there’s less of the vintage synth music that we are used to hearing from him, although there is a hint of retro synth roots, the song is a proper R&B serenade. Still, it’s loaded with Murder’s warn, vintage synth sounds though, and that rubber band bass and chimes that we love him for. More X-mas music to come!

♫ Mitch Murder (Feat. Santell) – Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone

A Very Decent Christmas is out now.

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