[Audio] New tracks from Pilotpriest


Canada’s reigning soundtrack Electro master Pilotpriest dropped a couple of new tunes on his SoundCloud this past week. He’s a busy guy these days, as Hollywood beckons, so were glad he’s still got time to sit down and produce some of the most emotional, evocative and enthralling electronic music around today.

Quest For Fire is on of Pilotpriest’s dancier tunes. Although quite mid-paced, it boasts a solid Italo beat and bassline set amidst swirling arpeggios and rousing strings. The synthetic orchestration isn’t lost in the groove though, as ever building waves of Pilotpriest’s rich tapestry of sound plays a gradually escalating narrative, full of character. Hallways, an ode to High School, again employs a pounding Electro beat to underpin a shifting soundscape of nostalgic, hypnotic, audio memories. And although my upbringing was more Grange Hill than Shermer High, I still feel I can relate, it’s just got that tone of youthful optimist melded with doubt and daily grind, to it. More excellence as Pilotpriest effortlessly conjures synthesizer moods.

♫ Pilotpriest – Quest For Fire (Instrumental)

♫ Pilotpriest – Hallways

Buy Pilotpriest’s music from:

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