[Audio] B.G. Baarregaard’s ‘Give Your Heart To Me’


B.G. Baarregaard

The latest release on the consistently excellent Silhouette Music drops this week. It comes from Icelandic Disco producer B.G. Baarregaard who serves up a whole EP of Acid/Disco crossover tunes. As we’ve said a few times in recent months, the induction of screaming Acid lines into smooth Disco is something we very much enjoy, so this EP really does it for us.

The lead tune on the six track EP is Give Your Heart to Me which exemplifies the collection perfectly. One one level you’ve got a slick Disco number, complete with pumping beat, mood setting piano, slick Disco licks, a bassline that draws you in and big diva vocals reminiscent of 90s House hits. On top of which lives a burbling 303 pattern the runs through all the requite filter sweeps, taking the track from low grooves to squealing excitement. The combination is worked to it’s fullest by Baarregaard until the track peaks in a melting put of strings, synth stabs and 300 grooves. The whole EP is definitely worth your investigation.

♫ B.G. Baarregaard – Give Your Heart To Me

B.G. Baarregaard’s Taste Of Acid Love EP is out now.

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